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Lend me your ears for Episode 292 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast


Tune in to Episode 292 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast, hosted by editor Stephen Fenech, to stay updated and educated about the latest consumer tech news and reviews.

On this week’s show, the full extent of the Facebook data debacle and how you can still keep your date safe, how the Mercedes Benz Formula 1 team uses technology to gain the winning edge and the incredible hidden feature of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro – that your friends will love.

In the Tech Guide reviews, we check out the HTC U11 Life smartphone, Alcatel will preload Family Zone parental control software in their devices and how you can hear your Audible audiobooks on your Sonos speakers.

On the Tech Guide Help Desk we answer the question about getting a 32-inch monitor with an all-in-one system and connecting wi-fi to a shed 100m away from a home.

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