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How you can hear your Audible audiobooks through your Sonos speakers


Audible, the world’s biggest library of audio books, is now available to be heard on Sonos multi-room speakers so you can continue hearing that novel, biography or self-help book anywhere in your home.

Users can now play Audible through the Sonos app on their mobile device or directly through the Audible app.

Audible customers already know the ease in which they can listen to their favourite audiobooks while driving, walking or in the gym.

But now you can hear that same book out loud in the comfort of your home and in impressive quality through the Sonos speakers.

Users can now go the Sonos app and simply add Audible as a new service or play the book from the Audible app and choose to stream to their Sonos speaker.

Support for Alexa voice control will also be introduced in the near future so getting to your favourite book and other content through Sonos will be easier than ever.