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Uniden DashView 60R review – high quality eyes and ears when you’re driving and parked


The Uniden DashView 60R is the complete solution that can capture events when you’re driving and even when you’re parked in remarkably high quality. If you are looking to buy a dash cam – make sure the Uniden DashView 60R is at the top of your list.

The new Uniden DashView 60R has a 4K front camera and 2K rear camera and these are your high quality eyes and ears when you’re on the road.

Priced at $499.95, the new Uniden dash cam demonstrates the company’s expertise in this category and product’s build quality.

Dash cams are slowly becoming an essential part of the modern driving experience so it can represent your car’s unique point of view on the road.

And, with a dash cam, if there is an accident, road-rage incident, if you get fined or other kind of on-road dispute you have 4K (front) and 2K (rear) resolution video to fall back on.

Without that it’s your word against someone else’s word.

The Uniden DashView 60R has a compact front camera that we installed discreetly behind the rear view mirror.

And because there is no screen you can place it out of sight.

If you do need to view a live feed or view recordings, you can fire up the Uniden DashView app.

Users can use the app to also download videos from the front and rear cameras to their smartphone so you can easily share them.

Alternatively, users can also remove the included 64GB endurance micro SD card and download the files to their computer.

On these videos is embedded information like your precise GPS location, time and date, speed and direction of travel.

They also have a wide 150-degree field of view from the front camera and 140-degree from the rear camera which ensures you can see the entire road in front or behind your car.

And being 4K resolution at 30fps (frames per second), it’s also possible to zoom in and read things like number plates, street signs and car makes and models.

The rear camera shoots 2K at 25fps.

What helps with this video quality is the Sony Starvis image sensor which has back illuminated pixel technology used in CMOS image sensors to provide sharp and clear video whether it’s the brightest time of the day or at night.

Videos we recorded and watched for our review looked remarkably crisp and bright with enough resolution to zoom in to read number plates and find other details.

Even videos shot at night had remarkable detail and clarity.

The Uniden DashView 60R records constantly onto the included memory card but also has a built in G-Sensor so when it detects any sudden movement, violent steering or a crash, it automatically saves the files in a special event folder, so they’re not recorded over like the rest of the regular footage.

But the beauty of the unit-view 60R is that it can also work when you’re parked thanks to the Smart Parking Mode which can record in 60 second blocks when your car is parked.

And thanks to the built-in sensors, if anyone hits your car that file will also be automatically saved for you to view through the Uniden DashView companion app.

Thanks to the built-in GPS, the device knows exactly where you are and offers alerts when approaching safety speed and red light cameras.

Setting up the Uniden DashView 60R is really easy but full installation might require a professional to help you run the cables from the front camera to the rear camera.

Users can connect to the dash cam using the built in Wi-Fi hotspot aboard the unit.

This is used to not only set up the DashView 60R when it is first installed but to also access the footage to view or download to your camera roll.

Some users may find some slight inconvenience if their car also has wireless CarPlay.

CarPlay will always try to take preference with your wi-fi connection between your device and the car and it prevents a stable connection at times between your smartphone and Uniden dash cam.

To get around this we went into our iPhone’s settings and turned off CarPlay for that vehicle so our wireless connection to the DashView 60R was undisturbed.

Once we downloaded the footage or viewed the files we needed, we simply turned CarPlay back on to resume its normal operation.

The Uniden DashView app is easy to navigate and it puts everything you need at your fingertips including, and most importantly, the recorded footage captured from the front and rear cameras.

Our only suggested improvement is to make it clearer which videos have been selected for download – as it is now it’s hard make out if a video has been selected. Hardly a dealbreaker but it would make an already great product even better.

The Uniden DashView 60R is available now and is priced at $499.95.


The Uniden DashView 60R is the complete solution that can capture events when you’re driving and even when you’re parked in remarkably high quality. If you are looking to buy a dash cam – make sure the Uniden DashView 60R is at the top of your list.