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Alcatel smartphones will now include Family Zone parental control software

All Alcatel devices sold in Australia will come preloaded with Family Zone – a cloud-based ecosystem that allows parents to set internet and device access for their children.

Starting mid-year with the launch of Alcatel’s latest range, Family Zone will be attractive to parents looking for a solution that will allow them to monitor their child’s activity online and on their mobile devices.

It was actually Alcatel’s Australian managing director Sam Skontos who discovered Family Zone and was using it with his own children with schools insisting the application is installed on their phone in order for them to be brought to class.

Now Sam can check his daughter’s surfing habits, how long she has spent on the device, data usage and the apps she’s been using.

He liked it so much he made the approach to Family Zone to have it preloaded on all Alcatel phones.

Alcatel, the number three smartphone brand in Australia by volume, has always been a popular choice as a first device for children and the addition of Family Zone makes it an even more compelling choice.


This reinforces Alcatel’s ability to meet the needs of Australian customers and families.

Parents have always been concerned about security, privacy and the amount of time their children spend on their devices.

“My passion around today’s announcement stems from a very personal experience for me, as a father with the opportunity to work with my children on what they can access on their mobile phones, when and for how long,” says Alcatel’s Sam Skontos.

“Having Family Zone pre-loaded on all Alcatel devices being launched into Australia is an extension of my concerns as a parent, and our desire to help provide more peace of mind to Australian families.

“There is a lot of excitement around our new range and for good reason, and more than ever before we will be a compelling option for parents who are considering a first mobile phone for their child.


“To have an opportunity to help our customers address areas around privacy, security, usage and length of screen time through an alliance with an Australian company is particularly fulfilling, and I am looking forward to working together with Family Zone moving forward.”

With Family Zone, Alcatel customers will find an easy-to-use platform that works where ever their children access the Internet.

Once parents have signed up to the Family Zone ecosystem, it will include the ability to protect even more devices.


Family Zone will be pre-loaded on the device and users will have the option to sign up and use the service when setting up their child’s device.

There will also be restrictions in place to prevent tampering.