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Samsung reveals its stunning 2021 range of Neo QLED and Micro LED TVs


Samsung has revealed its stunning 2021 line-up of NEO QLED, Micro LED and lifestyle TVs ahead of the first ever virtual Consumer Electronics Show.

Usually taking place in Las Vegas, CES is this year a virtual event because of the global pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped TV market leader Samsung from unveiling its range of TVs which not only showcase the company’s commitment to innovation but accessibility and sustainability as well.

Samsung says it will be “Going Green” and align the TV business with long-term sustainability programs including reducing its carbon footprint, improving energy efficiency and adopting sustainable packaging.

The company will also include a solar-powered remote control for its 2021 televisions which is power by indoor and outdoor light to help prevent nearly 100 million AAA batteries ending up in landfill.

On the accessibility side, Samsung will offers features like Caption Moving, Sign Language Zoom and Multi Output Audio for customers with hearing and vision issues.


Samsung has also introduced an all-new TV technology – Neo QLED – to the flagship 8K and 4K models (QN90A).

Neo QLED uses an all-new light source which includes microscopic LEDs arranged in micro layers instead using a lens to disperse the light.

The mini LEDS are all controlled with Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology for precise ultra-fine control.

The result is improved brightness and deeper blacks and contrast for a more immersive HDR (high dynamic range) experience.

The proprietary Neo Quantum Processor – a SoC (system on a chip) processor – handles enhanced upscaling capabilities to 4K and 8K levels courtesy of 16 different neural network models, each trained in AI upscaling and deep learning technology.

The TVs will provide high quality viewing at any angle and will also include an anti-reflective layer to ensure a clear and bright image in any viewing environment.

Also on board the new Samsung Neo QLED TVs is a sensor for adaptive picture control so it can automatically adjust the picture and audio based on the room conditions.

On the audio side Samsung has improved its object tracking audio technology to track the direction of the sound on the screen via the built-in speakers around the display.

Viewers will also hear cleaner dialogue thanks to an adjustable voice track.

Design-wise the new Samsung TVs look stunning with the Infinity Display offering a virtually borderless screen so there are absolutely no distractions to what you’re watching.

The TV itself is also noticeably slimmer and comes with a sleek stand or can be wall mounted.

The new Samsung Neo QLED TV’s also offer a range of smart features which meets the customer’s growing and changing needs when it comes to working from home, staying entertained and keeping fit.

Samsung Health brings the gym to your home and the new Smart Trainer feature becomes your own personal trainer by providing real-time feedback on form, counting your reps and telling you how many calories you’ve burned.

Video calling has been the way we’ve conducted our meetings in 2020 during the pandemic and the 2021 Samsung TV’s will make that even easier with the inclusion of the Google Duo app so you can make video calls directly through an optional USB connected camera.

And if you’re a gamer, the new Samsung Neo QLED TV will be your new best friend with the option of the Super Ultrawide Game View so you can play at the amazingly wide 32:9 aspect ratio.

Players can also choose what level that ultrawide view will sit on the screen and also provide a wealth of on-screen information about your game and your connection.

This is the year Samsung says 8K will enter prime time with content becoming more readily available through gaming, streaming and broadcast.

The delayed Olympic Games in Japan set for mid-year will reportedly be broadcast in 8K while the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will also pave the way for native 8K gaming.


Samsung introduced The Wall at CES in 2018 and introduce the world to micro LED technology.

Initially designed for corporate spaces, the Samsung micro LED  technology is coming home to consumers In a traditional form factor for the first time.

Micro LED will be available in 110 inches and 99 inches with smaller sizes coming towards the end of the year.

The Micro LED technology does away with the backlight and colour filters of conventional displays because it is self-illuminating and produces lifelike colours and brightness through 24 million individually controlled LEDs.

And with its monolith design, which is virtually borderless, it also offers a 99 per cent screen to body ratio so all you see is the impressive picture quality.

Samsung has also brought its smart TV features to the new Micro LED line-up including 4Vue which allows users to watch up to four different sources simultaneously on one screen.

And Samsung hasn’t skimped on the audio experience with the micro LED TVs offering 5.1 channel sound with no external speaker so it can transform any room into a home theatre.


The Samsung 2021 Crystal UHD TV’s will also see a major improvement with the addition of 16-bit adaptive 4K and improved refresh rates.

Sound quality has also improved with the introduction of a virtual OTA (object tracking audio) which can direct sound to all corners of the screen via the built-in speakers near the base.


Samsung has also improved its popular range of lifestyle TVs with new designs and form factors to meet the changing needs and interests of customers.

Since it was launched in 2017, The Frame has completely reinvented the traditional TV to not only provide entertainment but also stand as a work of art when not in use.

This year The Frame has a much slimmer form factor and an adjustable frame that is 50 per cent slimmer than the previous model.

Customers will now also have new frame styles, colours and designs to choose from.

The Sero TV, which can move from horizontal or vertical orientation like a smartphone, will also receive a software update so users can pair it to not only Android devices but to iPhones for the first time.

In this paired mode, customers can mirror what’s on their mobile devices and even change the orientation of this Sero TV by adjusting their smartphone so they can enjoy their mobile content on a grander scale.

Rounding out the Samsung lifestyle TV product range is The Serif,  The Terrace and The Premiere short throw projector which look more like a part of your decor than an entertainment device.

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