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Samsung’s Sero swivelling lifestyle TV is coming to Australia


Samsung is expanding its impressive line-up of lifestyle TVs with the launch of the Sero TV which has the ability for the screen to pivot from a horizontal to a vertical position like a smartphone or tablet.

Sero is the Korean word for vertical.

The TV was launched originally just in the South Korean market but Samsung is set to expand Sero’s availability to several global markets in 2020 including Australia.

The Sero TV can connect with a user’s mobile device and mirror what is on the screen.

The user can then choose to view their content like YouTube, social media platforms and personal videos in whatever orientation they choose.

Samsung says the ideal customer for the Sero TV is a millennial or Generation Z user.

Sero TV brings the latest technology from Samsung’s displays while providing a whole new approach to home entertainment technology that suits the habits of a mobile-viewing audience.

It includes a modern design and a stand and also offers a number of display options for when the TV is not in use.

“Consumers today expect TVs that can fully integrate into their individual lifestyles and Samsung is redefining the role of the screen creating delivering new digital services and creating new designs to enhance your life” said Grace Dolan, Vice President of Marketing Communication at Samsung Electronics America.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung also introduced the home-ready modular MicroLED which can be configured for specific homes and lifestyles.

Samsung’s MicroLED modular TV

MicroLED can be made up in 75, 88, 93 and 110-inch display sizes and offer a bezel-less look that makes the TV blend into the wall.

MicroLED can be used to create a tailored solution for a particular living space.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas with support from LG, Samsung and Hisense