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We’re still getting slugged for excess mobile data usage


Australians are wasting even more money on excess data charges despite the fact there are plans with generous mobile data limits and even unlimited data offers.

New research by Finder has found 15 per cent of Australians – that’s the equivalent of 2.8 million customers – regularly went over their mobile data limit in the last 12 months.

On average an extra gigabyte of data on a plan costs an additional $10 which means a staggering $181m has been spent on excess data usage alone.

But the good news is that figure is down by about 30 per cent when compared to the same period last year when Australians were slugged an extra $259m on top of their regular price plan.

The introduction of unlimited mobile data plans and increases in already generous data allowances among SIM only carriers means smartphone users can easily find a better plan and avoid these costly excess data charges.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show Australians chewed through 246,765 terabytes of data on their smartphones between April and June this year.

The Finder study conducted among 2,013 respondents showed the average Australian had a mobile plan with 10GB of data which is up from last year’s figure of 6GB.

Just in the last 12 months the number of Australians on a plan with 21GB of data or more has almost doubled.

Finder tips on knowing when it’s time to switch plans

– Your contract has run out: Now is the perfect time to compare your options online and find a more suitable phone plan. Make sure you understand the ins and outs of your new plan.

– You’re running into excess data charges:  If you’re constantly exceeding your limit, have a read over your last few bills to work out how many gigabytes you’re using each month. From there, you’ll be able to bump up your data limit.

– You need a new phone: If your current model is on its last legs, a new plan can be a good way to upgrade your smartphone.