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Kids will love the FZ One smartphone by Alcatel but parents are still in control


There comes a time for every parent to give their child their first smartphone but there is always the worry it will be a distraction and that they will view inappropriate content.

There is also the fear the child will forever be on their screen.

But there is a solution – it’s the FZ One powered by Alcatel.

It offers key safety features to give parents peace of mind including Family Zone – a system that will allow a child to enjoy the benefits of the device but that also empowers parents to set age-appropriate boundaries, block adult content and also set screen time limits.

Parents can control all of this with an easy-to-use app on their own phones so they can make changes on the go.

The FZ One is tamperproof and kids are unable to uninstall or bypass the safety features.

And because the device is connected to the Internet, parents want to know they can allow their kids to use the device without the fear of what they may have access to.

Think of it as a smartphone on P plates – it’s a fully featured Android device with all the functionality users expect but with all the safety features parents care about.

The device has a 5.5-inch display, a fingerprint reader and facial recognition along with a 16-megapixel camera and 16GB internal memory.

“This device is what cyber safety experts have been waiting for,” says psychologist Jordan Foster, CEO and founder of nationally known cyber-safety consultancy ySafe.

Of the hundreds of thousands of Australian families that we have spoken to across the country, we have found that they all share the same digital conundrum – how do I allow my child access to technology while still keeping them safe when their online?”

Sam Skontos, VP and Regional Managing Director for Alcatel, uses Family Zone for his own children and is delighted to be partnering to deliver an Australian-developed safe smartphone.

“The team at Alcatel share’s Family Zone’s deep passion for creating safe environments online for children and peace of mind for their parents and taking our partnership to a level that enables us to deliver the FZ ONE to market via an Alcatel device is a proud moment for the company and for me personally,” he said.

“When you combine Family Zone’s expertise with our long-standing record of delivering highly-featured, innovation smartphones at highly affordable prices, and we have a compelling option for Australian families.”

The FZ ONE retails is priced at $199, with free shipping, free $20 Woolworths mobile SIM and free Family Zone protection for 12 months included.

Smartphone stats for school children:

– Two-thirds of primary school kids own their own mobile device

– 36 per cent of pre-schoolers do too

– Only nine percent of Australian teens aged 14-17 do not have a smartphone

– The average child spends 32 hours a week on screens at home

– 43 per cent of kids regularly use screens at bedtime

– First exposure to online pornography happens between ages 8 and 10

– 45 per cent of 8-11-year-olds use social media

– One in four Australian kids experience cyberbullying every year

– 17 per cent report being bullied weekly