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Amaysim offers competitive new mobile plan – 60GB for $60


Amaysim has upped the ante in the mobile plan wars with a new $60 Unlimited plan which will include a massive 60GB of data – that’s $1 per gigabyte.

Recent ABS research has shown a 49 per cent increase in smartphone data usage in the last 12 months alone so Amaysim’s new plan comes at precisely the right time.

Amaysim, Australia’s fourth largest mobile services provider, will also offer unlimited calls and texts and unlimited calls to 10 countries plus an additional 300 international minutes to 22 further countries.

And it’s all without having to lock yourself into a contract.

The plan is refreshed every 28 days which means there will be 13 billing periods in a year.

Amaysim customers are also free to move between data limits that suit their needs at no extra cost.

There is also an Amaysim app which allows users to monitor their usage.

Amaysim CEO Peter O’Connell, said: “Our new $60 Unlimited mobile plan is another example of how we’re bringing simple solutions and great value to our customers.

“At a price point of only $1 per gig and our commitment to no lock-in contracts, Amaysim is now making mobile data usage more affordable and hassle-free on a plan that’s here to stay.”