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Factors to Consider when Choosing a Crypto Exchange


Crypto exchanges allow you to buy, sell or trade your digital assets. Although there are some other alternatives to buying and selling your crypto, exchanges are your best shot.

However, not all crypto exchanges are competent and up to standard.

Many traders have incurred losses through dealing with incompetent, expensive, or bogus exchanges. So, when choosing a crypto exchange, you need to have the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Read on for an excellent guide to the factors you will need to consider when choosing a crypto exchange.


You want to keep your investment safe. Therefore, you must check the safety of the company you are going to use. When a business is insecure, you could lose your investment, making all the other advantages worthless.

Digital tokens are vulnerable to hacking and theft. Security measures must be taken when making the trade for both mobile and the web. If you’re working on the web, it is safer to opt for HTTPS. On mobile applications, you as an investor should settle for two-step authentication every time. It is always safer to take a few extra seconds and extra steps to provide better security for your funds than to rush and regret it later.


No one will do anything for free in this century. There will be charges when making a purchase, but the amount varies from one exchange to another. You need to compare all these exchange charges; the transaction cost decreases if you’re trading in large volumes.

Then, you need to look at the withdrawal fees because some exchanges give different withdrawal fees for other figures. The fee structure may change often, and some of the charges might go high while some may reduce. 

Therefore, before making a decision, look into the deposit fees. Exchanges give you several options on how to buy cryptocurrencies. Many of these offer a quick way to buy cryptos using credit or debit cards. These purchases come with 5% fees and sometimes even higher.

Legal Aspects

The trading of currencies is a crucial deal and requires you to be able to understand it. In this field, you should exchange from the same country that you live. Doing this will make it easier for you to comply with the regulatory changes since you will know early in the process.

Nevertheless, it is also possible to use digital exchanges in other countries. You need to understand how their regulations change and how they can affect you and your investment. However, it is essential to realize that some companies only support a limited number of countries, and yours might not be among them. So, be diligent in your checking.

Due to security reasons, some crypto exchanges make an effort to ensure their funds. Generally, if anything happens and you lose your funds, the business will compensate you.


When discussing transparency, it is essential to note that you should look at the openness of the digital company you are using. It should have its information available for perusal.

First, you need to know if the digital firm you are using reveals its owners, headquarter addresses, and the members of its team. A quick evaluation of SwyftX and CoinSpot Compared can offer you the best hint of a transparency exchange.

 It shows that the business is transparent with its information and is not afraid to be known. In case anything happens to your funds, you have a place to take your complaint. Although most crypto firms are like prey for hackers, a good exchange publishes its audit information verifying its cryptocurrency reserves.

Digital hacking happens because they keep a lot of digital assets in one place. Hackers create very well-thought-out schemes to steal digital market users’ funds, so, sometimes, exchanges can be elusive. 

Therefore, it is essential not to leave your funds on any cryptocurrency longer than necessary. Funds meant for trading are the ones that should remain there. Luckily. You can also save your bitcoins in your private wallet.


Liquidity makes it possible to complete transactions easier and at a faster pace, even without having to consider the price volatility. The higher the trading volume, then the more liquid a specific crypto exchange company is.

Also, checking whether a digital firm offers locked-in pricing is highly recommended because it assures you the price shown at the time of your transaction, even if it doesn’t settle immediately. In addition, you must know liquidity can be different for different trading pairs. For example, BTC/GBP pairing could be high but low for BTC/EUR. You can check out the digital businesses with the most increased trading volumes here.

Complying With KYC

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. The KYC process helps to smooth transactions. Most countries comply with the KYC and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) In Australia, for example, if you invest in cryptocurrency, you have to open an account. To withdraw the profits of the account, you have to go through the KYC process. The process is not long and is a significant factor in ruling out financial crime from the scene.

Most firms are required to know their buyers so that communications between both parties can be smooth. No one is unpunishable from the law, and all firms that go through the process do not discriminate.

The Reputation of the Exchange

 Before joining any exchange firm, you need to check it out. The media might sugar-coat the information about a crypto exchange because the media firms are paid off to make it sound very reputable. As an investor, you must read the reviews based on their experience with that company or firm. Notwithstanding, discussing with friends about it is also a way of knowing more.

In addition to these ways, other forums on the internet can give you valuable and accurate information and responses about the firm. Lastly, as an investor, do not forget to share your experiences with an exchange, whether good or bad, to help other people who want to come in as clients.

 Word of Caution

  Buying cryptocurrency has become a booming business, and everyone wants a share of the cake. Nevertheless, before purchasing digital coins, it’s prudent to make sure you buy from a place that guarantees your money’s safety, security, and good returns.