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Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon 13-inch laptop review – looks and performance


Lenovo Yoga Slim Carbon 7i is an attractive and powerful laptop that might be small, thin and light but delivers with big performance and high quality.

The Lenovo Yoga Slim Carbon 7i is a combination of design, beauty and performance for those users who want to get things done on the go and look good doing it.

The Yoga Slim Carbon 7i has an eye catching colour – its official name is Moon White – and a tapered design which gives it a slim 14.9mm profile. It also weighs less than 1kg.

The top cover of the laptop is made from high-strength carbon fibre which means its 40 per cent lighter but with greater durability.

Meanwhile the palm rests below the keyboard are made from magnesium alloy so despite its light design, the Yoga Slim Carbon 7i is still tough enough to handle daily use and wear and tear as it’s by your side each and every day.

The laptop also has an anti-fingerprint finish so it always looks in tip-top shape.

But it’s one thing to look good.

What about performance?

The good news here is that it will not disappoint thanks to the 11th Generation Core i7 Intel Evo platform.

Whether you’re streaming 4K video or editing 4K video, the Lenovo Yoga Slim Carbon 7i can handle the task.

Our review unit had 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD (solid state drive) memory – it’s priced from $1,949.

The 13.3-inch display feels bigger because of the super thin bezels which are just 3mm wide.

It means more screen size in a chassis that would normally contain a smaller display.

It has a screen to body reaction of 91 per cent.

We also like the 16:10 aspect ratio which is a nice middle ground that’s the right shape to comfortably read websites, view documents and watch your content.

The QHD screen has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 with 300nits brightness with Dolby Vision and optimised for 100 per cent SRGB colour gamut.

The result is a high-quality viewing experience.

It also lives up to the Yoga name with the ability to fold the display flat level with the keyboard.

And the screen is a regular display – it’s not a touchscreen.

Audio has also been optimised with the Harman-branded speakers capable of delivering Dolby Atmos sound which makes the laptop an even more attractive entertainment option.

Lenovo’s Yoga Slim Carbon 7i keyboard is also well spaced and comfortable.

The keys have a rounded bottom edge and 1mm of travel so it will be easy to type for hours.

Under the keys are a caterpillar mechanism and rubber dome switches which will give users the feel of typing on a larger keyboard.

Just below the keyboard is the glass surface touchpad that’s accurate and responsive.

It also has backlit keys with an ambient sensor which can determine the brightness to suit your surroundings.

Being on the Evo platform means it wakes instantly from sleep as soon as you open up the lid and it recognises your face so you can get to work right away or catch up on your favourite streaming content.

On the connectivity side, there is Wi-Fi 6 onboard to connect even faster to the latest routers while the two Thunderbolt ports on the left edge means superfast data transfers, the ability to connect an external monitor and fast charging of the rechargeable battery.

Speaking of the battery, the Lenovo Yoga Slim Carbon 7i can run for up to 13 hours and for 15 hours if you’re just watching video.

Our experience wasn’t quite that long but it was still long enough to easily get us through a full work day and well into the next.

There were some times when we could easily hear the fan to keep the laptop cool.

Speaking of which it did also get slightly warmer than we expected when we had been using it for a long stretch. But it wasn’t too hot or too loud to be a deal breaker.

The Lenovo Yoga Slim Carbon 7i is available now and is priced from $1,949.


Lenovo Yoga Slim Carbon 7i is an attractive and powerful laptop that might be small, thin and light but delivers with big performance and high quality.