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Trend Micro unveils new parental controls to keep their kids safe online


Trend Micro has just made it easier for parents to monitor their child’s online activity and Internet usage with its Home Network Security (HNS) solution.

This comes a time when cyber bullying is on the rise. Research indicates cyber bullying is up 60 per cent compared to last year.

Trend Micro’s Home Network Security plugs in to your wireless router and can be controlled with a simple app to protect the devices connected to your network.

It can now give parents more control along with notifications when social networking apps are being used.

The main arena for cyber bullying has been on popular social media sites with around one in five children aged between 14 and 17 experiencing cyber bullying or online harassment.

Trend Micro says children are spending about 12 hours on average online every week compared to just 10.5 hours watching television.

We also are connecting to the Internet with even more devices.


Today an average Australian household has 14 connected devices and this figure is expected to increase to 25 by 2020 – which is less than three years away.

Tim Falinski, Trend Micro’s consumer director in the Asia Pacific region, says having more connected devices at home could mean parents have even less visibility of their children online.

“The rise in popularity of connected devices at home means that kids are on the internet for longer periods of time – which makes it harder for parents to keep track of their child’s online presence,” Falinksi said.

“Social media can make parents uneasy – but it doesn’t need to if there are some clear rules in place.

“Parents can now protect their children against internet dangers such as cyber bullying and online predators by monitoring their internet activity 24 x 7 from anywhere – enabling them to take immediate action.”


Here’s what the Trend Micro’s HNS parental controls can do:

– Specify how children use the Internet and prevent specific categories of websites from being opened

– Limit internet access to only certain periods of the day

– Manage and create profiles for children making it easier to set the appropriate controls for all their devices

– Easily view activities that children are doing online via their profile

HNS includes an Inappropriate App Detection feature so parents can supervise their child on social media and educate them about safe usage and the potential danger of cyber bullying.

With the Trend Micro Home Network Security, it requires no security software installation and now includes an additional layer of security for your home network and connected devices like smart TVs, gaming consoles, smart home products and smartphones and tablets.

Trend Micro Home Network Security comes with a two-year subscription and is priced at $299.