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Telstra to bump customers up to faster NBN speeds for free


More than one million Telstra home and small business customers will have their NBN speed tier upgraded at no additional cost to give them an even better experience on the network.

Customers currently on the 25Mbps down/5Mbps up plan will be upgraded to 50/20 plan for free.

These customers are not required to do anything, Telstra will just upgrade the speeds in the background and let customers know once it has been completed.

New customers signing up to Telstra’s home Internet bundle will be the first to receive the Telstra Smart Modem which has the latest wi-fi technology on board as well as a 4G mobile backup.

Having a Telstra Smart Modem means customers can connect to the mobile network while their fixed services are being connected or repaired.

This modem also ensures the NBN50 speed tier can utilised completely.

There are many factors that impact on a customer’s broadband service including the type of modem they use and where its position in their home.

The Telstra Smart Modem
The Telstra Smart Modem

“We want to help customers understand this and provide them with all the right ingredients to make sure their in-home connection is as strong as it can be,” said Jana Kotatko, Head of Fixed Products at Telstra.

“Giving more customers the Smart Modem, along with increasing their NBN speed tier and the ongoing focus on providing the best speeds possible are all part of the way we’re helping customers make the most of their broadband service.”

The speed upgrades and the addition of the Telstra Smart Modem will give customers even better speeds in the evening.

In fact, Telstra says its speeds in the busy evening period, also known as “Netflix Hour”, are well above the ACCC guideline of 60 per cent of the maximum speed during peak times.