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Why it’s worth adding a soundbar to your TV to improve the experience


* This post was written in partnership with Samsung

Star Wars creator George Lucas once famously said “sound is half the experience”. He was right then – and he’s still right now.

Having great sound along with great picture quality stimulates more of your senses in a positive way and adds to the realism of what you’re watching. The viewer is immersed even further into the content conveyed just as the creator intended.

Today’s Samsung TVs offer superb 4K and 8K picture quality and are housed in a sleek thin chassis that look great in your home. And while the sound quality is impressive it is missing a vital ingredient – the sheer size and space required to move a large volume of air to produce stunning sound.

The easiest and most obvious solution to enhance the audio performance of your TV is with a soundbar – a long and narrow product that is packed with speakers pointing in various directions.

A soundbar can offer outstanding audio performance for not only the sound quality but also in the way the sound is handled and distributed around the room.

To create a surround sound experience usually requires multiple speakers but a soundbar like the Samsung Soundbar T650 can provide 3D surround sound and can make voices coming from the screen even crisper and clearer.*

Viewers may swear they are hearing sounds from parts of the room including beside and behind them thanks to the remarkable virtual surround sound a soundbar can provide.

Samsung soundbars also have a Surround Sound Expansion feature which is designed to extend the listening area outward and upward for added scale.

Another extra feature when adding a soundbar to your TV is a subwoofer which adds the low frequency non-directional sounds. The subwoofer can add real punch to your movies especially loud action movies.

Other Samsung soundbar models also include rear speakers and up to nine channels with a subwoofer and even four upfiring channels.^ Those upfiring channels are for the more recent new surround sound standard called Dolby Atmos. A similar standard which offers three dimensional sound is DTS:X.¹

The Samsung HW-Q950T soundbar

Dolby Atmos[1] has been included on the latest films for several years in cinemas. And when you want to enjoy them in the same quality you can find the Dolby Atmos soundtrack on the 4K UHD disc as well as on Netflix and other streaming services. And it has to be heard to be believed.

Sound not only moves around the viewers like regular surround sound but it can also drop down on them from above for a truly engaging audio experience.

Imagine hearing a helicopter coming to land from above you or the enchanting ambient sounds of a forest. That’s what Dolby Atmos and DTS:X can offer.

It’s hard for a thin flatscreen TV to produce that kind of quality sound on its own. In 2020 Samsung has created an even tighter bond between its TVs and its soundbars with a new feature called Samsung Q-Symphony.²

It combines the directional speakers in Samsung’s 2020 flagship TVs with the latest soundbars to create an immersive audio experience. Samsung Q-Symphony co-ordinates the sound to come from both the TV and the soundbar from all angles so they produce a large soundscape that envelopes the viewers.

Samsung’s soundbars can even adapt to whatever you’re watching so it will improve dialogue. It will also recognise when you’re watching sport and make you feel like you’re in the stadium and also pull out all the stops for epic audio when watching a movie.³

If you’re playing a game, the Samsung soundbars also have your back with a sound mode specifically designed for games so you’ll hear the sounds coming from the right direction to immerse you in the experience even further.

Select Samsung soundbars are also a giant smart speaker and also include Alexa so you can take control with your voice.⁴

*Sound effect may vary depending on environmental characteristics (including the ceiling)

^[#relating to 2020 T Series and Q Series]

¹ Source content must be Dolby Atmos® or DTS:X enabled for Dolby ATMOS® or DTS:X playback. Sound effect may vary depending on environmental characteristics (including ceiling).

²Samsung Q-Symphony is compatible with the 2020 Samsung QLED Q80T TV with Object Tracking Sound and above and Q60T Soundbar and above.

³ Sound quality will vary depending on environmental characteristics (including the ceiling) and source content.

⁴ An Amazon Echo Device and Amazon Alexa account is required to use this feature. Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply. Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

[1] Available in Q70T and Q8000T soundbar

* This post was written in partnership with Samsung