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LG announces pricing, availability and screen sizes for its 2020 8K and 4K TVs


LG has unveiled the pricing and availability of it 2020 8K and 4K TV line-up including new OLED and NanoCell models that are available in sizes up to 88-inch.

There are 27 new LG TVs being launched including the GX Gallery series, 8K ZX models and 4K NanoCell TVs.

LG continues its leadership in the OLED format that now offer improved viewing and gaming experiences.

8K continues to lead the LG TV flagship range of TVs with an 88-inch and 77-inch OLED TVs.

There will also be seven 8K models in the NanoCell range – 75-inch and 65-inch in the Nano99 and Nano95 series which will also include a 55-inch model.

The LG 2020 TV will be powered by the new Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI Processor which brings increased processing power and deep learning algorithms to improve picture and sound quality.

These new TVs offer a true cinematic experience in your home with support for Dolby Vision IQ and Filmmaker mode so movies are shown exactly as the filmmaker intended.

Gamers will also enjoy the fact the new LG TVs are NVIDIA G-SYNC compatible so graphics are rendered accurately and in line with the TV’s refresh rate.

“At LG Australia we are committed to providing Australians with the biggest and best viewing experiences in the home,” says Tony Brown, LG marketing manager for home entertainment.

“Our 2020 TV range is set to transform the way Australians enjoy their favourite content, whether it be movies, sports or gaming.

“This year, we continue our leadership in OLED technology with a greater selection of displays to choose from and an enhanced intelligent processor to match.

“With LG 8K OLED and NanoCell 8K TVs, customers will be set up for the future, but even now they can upscale content to near 8K formats.

“We’re excited to provide Australian consumers with such a wide premium viewing offering to enjoy in shared spaces with family and friends.”

Accessing content is easy through LG’s TVs with the integration of streaming services including Apple TV+, Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime which can all be access from the LG Home Launcher on webOS.

The 2020 LG TVs also support Apple AirPlay 2 so you can share content or mirror content directly from your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Users can also interact with their smart devices directly from the TVs home dashboard.

LG has taken their TV design to the next level in 2020 with the GX Gallery series which offers a minimal look that can be mounted flush on your wall like a work of art.

The LG 2020 TVs are already starting to appear in stores.

Pricing, availability and sizes are all listed below.

Range Model Code RRP In-store date
OLED 8K OLED88ZX $71,999 May 2020
OLED77ZX $35,999 June 2020
4K OLED GALLERY OLED77GX $11,399 May 2020
OLED65GX $5,999 April 2020
OLED55GX $4,139 April 2020
4K OLED OLED77CX $10,199 May 2020
OLED65CX $5,399 April 2020
OLED55CX $3,959 April 2020
OLED65BX $4,799 April 2020
OLED55BX $3,599 April 2020
NANOCELL 8K 75NANO99 $10,199 May 2020
65NANO99 $7,199 June 2020
75NANO95 $7,799 April 2020
65NANO95 $5,399 May 2020
NANOCELL 4K 86NANO91 $7,439 April 2020
75NANO91 $5,039 April 2020
65NANO91 $3,239 April 2020
75NANO85 $4,199 Sept 2020
65NANO86 $2,759 April 2020
55NANO86 $2,159 April 2020
65NANO80 $2,279 April 2020
55NANO80 $1,799 April 2020
UHD 4K 86UN81 $4,869 April 2020
75UN81 $2,799 April 2020
65UN73 $1,787 April 2020
55UN73 $1,459 April 2020
50UN73 $1,199 April 2020
43UN73 $1,079 April 2020