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LG adds a new dimension to its 2022 TVs with live and interactive features


LG will add a whole new dimension to the role of the TV in the home in 2022 with new services to provide access to live events and interactive experiences to turn the television into a concert hall, sporting arena, dance studio and gymnasium.

Apart from watching free to air TV and accessing our streaming services, LG TVs will link you to online live concerts, shows, sports and other premium live events from the comfort of your home.

This will be facilitated through the award-winning LIVENow app which turns your LG TV into a gateway for new experiences that you can enjoy with friends and family around the world.

If dancing is more your thing, LG TVs will offer the 1M HomeDance app, created in collaboration with 1 MILLION Dance Studio.

The app gives users the choice of several tutorials to perfect their dance moves while also being able to check out their own form with Camera Mode as they dance along with 1 MILLION’s pro choreographers.

LG is also moving into the fitness world for the very first time with the LG Fitness app so customers can enjoy a healthier lifestyle at home.

Now you can choose the ideal workout from several recommendations or select from a range of options including fast-paced HIIT, full body stretching and guided meditation.

The app’s dashboard can also keep track of your activity and your progress as you try to reach your fitness goals.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas with support from LG, Samsung and Hisense.