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Which countries get the best and worst value from their Netflix subscriptions

We’ve been watching more than our fair share of content on Netflix during the coronavirus crisis but how do we compare to other countries when it comes to the price value of the world’s most popular streaming service?

Netflix is well and truly established in nearly every country around the world but the service is not the same region to region with different pricing and content libraries and library sizes.

A new study by frugal living blog SavingSpot has gone through the numbers and come up with a list of countries that are getting the best and worst deals for their monthly Netflix subscription cost.

World Bank figures were used to determine the average income in each country and this was compared to the cost of Netflix in every country to come up with average value of a subscription and just how much bang for your buck you actually get.

Australia was second on the list of the most affordable countries for Netflix behind Norway and ahead of Luxembourg and the US and Singapore.

Australia also ranked fifth in the value for money list behind Columbia, Turkey, Brazil and Argentina.

Australia actually fares pretty well when compared to other countries in terms of cost, value and the size of our Netflix library.

According to this study, Australia has 5,349 titles to choose from on Netflix with a cost of $0.001 per title and the basic subscription cost making up 0.17 per cent of our average monthly income.

In comparison the US has 5,879 titles and the basic subscription is 0.21 per cent of average monthly income.

Other key findings include:

– Turkey is the most affordable country to watch Netflix with a basic plan starting at roughly $US2.78 a month.

– The most expensive place to watch Netflix is Switzerland with a basic plan costing $US12.40 a month.

– If you lived in Colombia you’d get the best value with a basic plan at $US4.14 but with access to 4,282 titles.

– Angola is getting the worst deal with just 391 titles with a $US7.99 subscription fee.

You can see all the stats here.