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Legrand Voice Switch turns your whole house into a smart speaker


Legrand is a household brand – take a look at your switches and power points – and the company has unveiled a new smart solution incorporating Amazon’s Alexa.

Unveiled at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the new Legrand Voice Switch brings together a regular wall light switch with a speaker to allow users to control their home from any room.

It is the world’s first switch equipped with Amazon voice assistant technology.

It has a regular switch or button in the top half with a loudspeaker and microphone in the bottom half to hear your commands and respond.

Rather than being limited to one smart speaker in a single room, the Legrand Voice Switch makes it possible to access Alexa from anywhere in the house.

It can turn your home into one giant smart speaker.

All the switches are linked wirelessly to the internet and to the home’s smart central hub like a Zigbee or Crestron system.

The result is being able to have complete control in your home from any room.

Typically customers place smart speakers in certain rooms of the home and would need to be within range of that speaker to issue a command or ask a question.

If a Legrand Voice Switch is placed in every room, then you could literally be standing anywhere to control your connected home, find out information, set reminders and search for content.

The Legrand Voice Switch will be available in a number of styles and colours to suit your home décor.

* Tech Guide travelled to Las Vegas with support from LG, Samsung and Hisense.