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Keep an eye on your place from anywhere with the Ring Indoor Cam


This time of year we maybe heading out on holidays but keeping an eye on your place when you’re not there is cheaper and easier than ever with the Ring Indoor Cam.

Priced at just $99, the Ring Indoor Cam provides a fast and easy way to check in on your home remotely through the Ring app.

Ring is the company behind the smart doorbell and the new Indoor Cam is the latest in the range of the company’s connected cameras.

The Ring Indoor Cam is really small – it’s 7.5mm tall without the stand and 4.5cm wide – and it can be positioned anywhere.

The Indoor Cam can rest on a surface with the included screw-in stand. It’s also possible to attach the stand to the back of the camera if you want to mount the device to a wall.

The camera provides full high definition video so you can clearly see what’s going on at your place, what your pets are up to and to keep an eye on yours kids at the other end of your home.

It also has night vision so it can clearly see and detect motion in complete darkness.

Available in either black or white, the Ring Indoor Cam also has two-way audio so you can speak to whoever is in front of the camera.

Now this camera can only be used indoors which means it’s not weatherproof so can’t be used as an outdoor security camera.

That’s an entirely different and more expensive product altogether because it needs to be able to handle the weather and also operate wire-free with a rechargeable battery onboard.

The Ring Indoor Cam does not have a rechargeable battery – it has its own power cable and therefore needs to be close to a power point in your home.

The upside of this is not having to periodically recharge a battery.

Installation take minutes and is done step by step using the Ring app which walks users through connecting the camera to your wi-fi network and naming the location of the camera.

Once connected the Ring Indoor Cam can detect motion and also provide a notification through the Ring app on your smartphone.

The Ring Indoor Cam is available now in black or white and is priced at $99.