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Five ways to make your home more energy efficient with smart devices


Energy prices are not getting any lower but one thing Australians can do is increase their energy efficiency with smart home, light and technology products.

HPM, a brand of electrical company Legrand, has a range of products which can make your home more energy efficient.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re building a new home or want to transform your existing home, there are five things you can do to reduce the amount of electricity you use and thereby reduce your carbon footprint.


Lighting, on average, uses between 8-15 per cent of a household’s electricity.

Switching to energy-efficient LED lights can make a big difference – they are 80 per cent cheaper to run than regular halogen light.

LED lights also have a longer life span with an average of 30,000 hours.

The HPM DLI downlights can save energy while still offering a modern look.

For current homeowners, the MR16 Retrofit Downlight ($16) exclusive to HPM will work with many existing halogen transformers so you can replace your existing downlights.

You can see how much money you can save by using LED downlights with the HPM Downlight Energy Savings Calculator.


Being able to monitor your energy use is the first step in trying to save energy.

Smart home switches like those in the Arteor with Netatmo range ($489) will be able to monitor energy use by products like fridges, air conditioners, washing machines, dryers and pool pumps.

Using the Home+Control app, users can remotely monitor and control various functions of these appliances from anywhere.

Users can even receive notifications when lights and appliances have been left on and have been running for a longer period.


Air conditioners can really soak up the electricity but an alternative is a ceiling fan which reduces the need for air conditioning and save you up to 30 per cent of your cooling costs.

The HPM Inspire ceiling fan range ($125) can help circulate cool air faster so there’s no need to run it for extended periods.

It also has a winter mode which rotates the blades counter clockwise at a lower speed to force warm air down in the room.


Not everyone remembers to turn off lights so the best way around this problem is to use HPM’s simple timer ($28.86).

They can be used to schedule lights to turn on and off whether it’s your Christmas lights or garden lights.

The timers can also be used with other things like heaters, pool pumps and dryers.


Sensors that detect movement can be used to automatically trigger lights to turn on and off and can save you big money on your electricity bill.

The HPM 360-degree PIR Movement Sensor ($40.90) will eliminate the possibility of lights being left on when you leave the room.

And the sensors are easy to install – you can do it yourself.

All products are available from leading hardware stores.