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The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen – Friday Night Lights


Can you be perfect? This week on The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen podcast we’re watching Friday Night Lights which tells the true story of the 1988 Permian Panthers football team.

Starring Billy Bob Thornton, Friday Night Lights is based on the best-selling sports book written by HG Bizzinger who spent a year in Odessa, West Texas tracking the Permian Panthers as they strived to win the State Championship in 1988.

But the story isn’t just out on the field – it’s all about the players’ personal struggles and how a town is held together by their love of the local high school football team.

Stephen has watched the movie a number of times and also read the book it’s based on, but Trevor has never seen the movie and didn’t even know the book existed.

We go through the memorable scenes and shares some interesting facts, behind the scenes tidbits, trivia, plot holes and other things you don’t know about the film.

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