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Tapt re-invents the business card for the 21st century


Business cards have been around for hundreds of years and allow you to easily share your name, position and contact details. But the business card has now been re-invented for the 21st century by an Australian tech start-up.

Tapt might be the same size and shape of a business card but it has made it possible to transfer your contact information instantly into a smartphone using NFC (near field communication) or a QR code.

The card is made of plastic and has a premium finish.

Users can have your name and company logo engraved on the front while on the back of the card is the QR code.

Now instead of handing over one of your printed cards you simply get your new contact to pull out their smartphone.

If they have an iPhone simply tap the card at top of the iPhone and you’ll see a notification for the Safari browser appear on the screen.

Once they tap that notification it will take them to a webpage with all of your contact details including name, position, company, mobile number, email address and even social media handles if you want to share them.

From here your contact simply had to tap Add To Contacts on that page and your details are instantly saved in their contacts.

If your new friend has an Android smartphone it’s exactly the same except you need to tap the card on the rear of the phone.

You also see the same webpage with all of your details and the ability to add to contacts.

If they don’t have NFC on their smartphone, they can open their camera and simply scan the QR code and see the same details.

The Tapt by Hatch card has numerous advantages.

First of all you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to get hundreds of cards printed – and then reprinted when you run out.

And if you change jobs or your address or any other contact details, you can go in and change your details on the Tapt website instead of having to get a whole bunch of new cards printed.

Then whenever your card is scanned, the new details will be seen on the page.

More than 27 million business cards are printed daily in Australia with research showing 88 per cent end up in the bin within a week of being received. That’s a lot of waste.

It’s also a contact-free alterative – an important consideration in these COVID times.

The Tapt By Hatch solution is priced at $64.95 or $79.95 if you want your name and company logo engraved on it.

There are also bulk order deals when ordering 2-12 cards, 13-29 cards and 30+ cards for companies who want to issue a Tapt by Hatch for their employees.

After purchase, the user receives an email and instructions on how to set up their new card.

Users are taken to the Tapt dashboard to select your card’s engravings and to enter your personal details.

Now instead of carrying hundreds of business cards, with Tapt By Hatch, you just need one.