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Optus on track to break its own 5G speed record as it tests mmWave technology


Optus is set to break more 5G speed records as it expands its mmWave deployment in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra with speeds expected to be 40 times faster than the NBN.

On October 14, 2020, Optus clocked an Australian speed record of more than 2.8Gbps with a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G in Sydney.

But Optus has already clocked speeds in excess of 4Gbps at test sites over the last five months with mmWave.

mmWave technology is a faster form of 5G with even greater throughput and lower latency.

mmWave doesn’t quite have the range of Sub 6 – the current 5G format – but what it lacks in range it more than makes up for that in speed and capacity.

Expect mmWave to be used in more densely populated areas, the CBD and other busy places like airports and stadiums.

Optus testing will take place in 15 locations across Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra to see how the technology can be utilised for consumers and business users alike.

“We’ve hit the road hard with 5G and in a short time have delivered an incredible, multi-award winning product for our customers – but we’re only just getting started,” said Lambo Kanagaratnam, Optus Managing Director Networks.

“It’s important to us that we continue to lead the way with innovating for 5G and access to additional mmWave spectrum allows us to push and stretch the capabilities of the technology, ultimately delivering our customers with 5G speeds that will facilitate a sharper, more connected future.

“Optus already holds the commercial 5G speed record in Australia and with the high bandwidth and low latency offered by mmWave, our customers can expect blisteringly fast multi-gigabit speeds once mmWave rolls out commercially throughout the next year.

“mmWave will be the catalyst for the next great wave of technology innovations, many of which do not even exist yet, and at Optus we are excited to be at the forefront of achieving technological breakthroughs that we believe will benefit Australians.”

Optus plans to showcase the many benefits of 5G mmWave technology in the coming months.