Modern technology gives us many things.

Mudita Pure is a phone for those who don’t want the distractions of a smartphone


Not everyone wants a smartphone and all the distractions that come with it. For those customers there is the new Mudita Pure – an elegant phone that has no internet browser, no app store and no camera.

Pure is designed for those customers who want to stay connected but don’t want to be overwhelmed with notifications, social media and other distractions.

Users can still make and receive calls and send and receive text messages but unlike a smartphone, there are no apps and no internet browser.

The device has a high-res e-ink display like that found on the readers so it uses little power and doesn’t expose you to blue light that could keep you up at night.

It has global GSM radios on board and can be used anywhere in the world on 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks.

It also has its own proprietary operating system – MudiaOS.

Also onboard is a music player that  supports MP3 and WAV and a meditation timer that includes a pleasant gong sound to help with your meditation practices.

If users want to connect to the Internet, the Mudita Pure can act is a data modem via a USB-C cable to a laptop computer.

And the on-board 1,900mAh battery can last for up to 14 days on standby.

“At Mudita, we believe that great things happen when we’re fully present. As tech giants and brands aim to fill our lives with more technology and limit our privacy, encouraging people to share and live their life through their devices and platforms, Mudita wants to do the opposite,” says Mudita founder Michal Kicinski.

“Our mission is to take away the pressures of social media and our always-online attitude through education and the stripping back of unnecessary tech elements of everyday products to focus on living our lives offline.

“We want to help people build a more balanced and healthier relationship with technology.

“Every day we are overloaded with information – it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find inner peace.

“We believe that Mudita Pure can also be used as a second phone to help us unplug during evenings, weekends or holidays in order to spend quality time with our loved ones or enjoying solitude.”

The Mudita Pure has just been posted on Kickstarter with an expected release in April 2020.

Pricing will be $US369 but early birds can receive a 30 per cent discount if they pledge $US258 which is about $AUD382.