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Hey buddy, can you spare some data? Optus kicks off new children’s charity initiative


You’ve heard about donating money – well how about donating data? That’s exactly what Optus is asking from its customers to help young Australians living in poverty to access the internet and the same resources and opportunities as everyone else.

The new Optus initiative is called Donate Your Data and it will allow eligible Optus Postpaid and Prepaid Mobile customers to donate some of their data to people less fortunate than themselves.

It will launch with charity partners The Smith Family and the KARI Foundation with Optus providing free Optus SIM cards to young Australians for unlimited talk and text and 10GB of data for use in Australia.

That data allowance will be topped up with extra data donated by Optus customers.

“Optus is proud to be working with our customers to enable young people across Australia to reach their full potential by providing them with access to the internet,” says Optus deputy CEO Kelly Bayer.

“For many of us, data is something we take for granted. However, for some young Australians accessing the internet and staying connected with the world around them is a real challenge.

“This entails everything from studying through to searching for jobs, watching videos or even doing a quick internet search.

“By giving a mobile service to participants of the program and inviting our customers to donate their unused data, we are providing much needed internet access to young people who need it most.

“We believe all Australians should be able to stay connected and not feel disadvantaged. By partnering with charities such as The Smith Family and the KARI Foundation we want to enable connectivity to vulnerable members of our community.

“This includes young people in need, those experiencing homelessness, people facing domestic violence, and people living in disadvantage and seeking a job.

“This project makes it incredibly simple for eligible Optus customers to make a real difference and with just a simple tap have the opportunity to contribute to the future of Australians in need.”

More than 13,000 students in The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program and others from the KARI Foundation will benefit from the Optus Donate Your Data initiative.

They will be able to access the internet to assist with their learning, help them apply for jobs and email employers as well as help them access communication and information.

Optus Postpaid and Prepaid Mobile customers on eligible plans can start donating their data today from the My Optus app.

You can find more information here.