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LG’s new Twin Wash system means you can spend less time doing laundry


Would you be interested in a product that could save you time on laundry? LG has just delivered it with the Twin Wash system that can help families meet their washing needs.

The LG Twin Wash system is the first solution of its kind in Australia that can run two loads of washing at the same time.

The machine combines two separate washers as well as a mini washer. It is also available as a combined washer dryer option.

The LG Twin Wash system has a sleek design that will complement the décor of a modern home.

A recent survey by LG showed almost half of Australians (46 per cent) do their laundry two to four times each week.
This can be reduced with the LG Twin Wash washer dryer combo with its massive 16kg capacity.

It can also be combined with the unit’s small top load pedestal washer (which can handle up to 2.5kg) to look after lightly soiled items and delicates.

The study also revealed 40 per cent of Australians will wash a few items instead of a full load if they need something washed urgently like a gym gear.


And 78 per cent said they wash their gym gear after each use – a task for the LG mini washer.

LG has done its homework when looking into our modern lifestyles and delivered the Twin Wash system to give users the versatility to look after large, small and special wash loads.

The system doesn’t take up much floor space especially with the combined washer dryer which means you won’t need two units sitting next to each other.

The LG Twin Wash system is suitable for families living in larger suburban homes as well as inner-city apartments where space is limited.

“We’re excited to introduce the LG TWIN Wash as a laundry solution for Australians using their washing machines on a frequent basis to get time back in their days,” said Brad Reed, senior marketing manager for Home Appliances at LG.


“New research from the 2017 LG Annual Household Survey found that 63 per cent of Australians do their laundry as part of an established routine with 27 per cent doing laundry once a week.

“This is a significant time burden on the average household, and some of these loads are small but urgent, like last minute delicate clothing, frequent loads of gym gear or a dedicated load of intimate apparel.

“Australians place a very high value on clean clothes and the cutting-edge design of the TWIN Wash Mini pedestal washer helps time-poor families do some much-needed multitasking.”


The features on LG’s main front loader (16kg washer/9kg dryer) include:

– TurboClean: this uses a short burst of water spray from a nozzle at the front of the drum during the cycle for quicker wash times. With fewer rinse cycles you get a faster wash time.

– TrueSteam: one feature on the main front loader uses steam particles to clean at a microscopic level instead of saturating the stain with water. More than 1,600 steam particles can penetrate the stain.

– 6 Motion Wash Technology: the machine uses a combination of six motions that are based on hand washing motions so you can get a good wash while maintaining the quality of the clothing even longer.

– SmartThinQ: the machine is not only efficient, it’s also smart. Users can remotely start or monitor the wash cycle using LG SmartThinQ app on their phone. You can also track energy consumption, receive a notification when the washing is done and even diagnose and troubleshoot any issues.

The machine comes with a 10-year parts warranty on the inverted direct drive motor.

The LG Twin Wash is available now from selected Harvey Norman and The Good Guys stores and is priced at $3,999.