Modern technology gives us many things.

Lend me your ears for Episode 273 of the awesome Tech Guide podcast


Stay updated and educated about the latest consumer tech news, reviews and interviews with Episode 273 of the top-rating Tech Guide podcast hosted by Stephen Fenech.

On this week’s show, we give our verdict on the iPhone X and also play some VoiceBytes from our listeners who also share their thoughts on Apple’s popular new device.

Also on the show we chat with Sonnen CEO Phillip Schroeder about the German battery maker’s plans for Australia and how we can use solar and battery to reduce our electricity bills to $0.

In the Tech Guide reviews, we take a look at the new Call of Duty WWII game, the Alcatel PLUS 12 Windows 10 2-in-1 and the Nespresso Vertuo which uses all-new coffee pods.

In the Tech Guide Help Desk we talk about protecting your smartphones and adding Bluetooth to your car.

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