Modern technology gives us many things.

With LastPass you don’t have to remember different passwords ever again


Trying to remember all of our passwords is one of the most difficult tasks of our modern digital lives. In fact, it’s near impossible. But with LastPass that’s no longer an issue.

How many times have you heard that you need a different password for all of your accounts?

And that you should change them regularly? Security experts say your password should be like your toothbrush – you should change them regularly and don’t share them with anyone.

But trying to remember them all – good luck.

What most people do is re-use the same password across many of their accounts. But if a hacker cracks that password – all of your accounts are exposed.

But with the LastPass password manager, all you need to remember is one master password.

LastPass can be downloaded to your computer and to your mobile device as an app and it will learn all of your existing passwords or suggest stronger passwords for you.


And then whenever you need to think of a new password, LastPass can do that for you and store it securely.

All of your passwords are sealed with AES-256 bit encryption so not even LastPass can see your passwords.

As long as you know your master password – all of these other passwords are for your eyes only.

The free version of LastPass can be accessed across all of your devices (rival apps charge a monthly fee for this feature) and generate strong passwords when you need them.

LastPass can also take care of all of your digital records like wi-fi passwords, insurance details, memberships.

It will also securely remember your payment and shipping details when you’re shopping online.

And LastPass will sync all of this across your mobile and desktop devices.


LastPass can be installed on your computer and on your mobile devices.

And if you wanted to move up to the Premium version of LastPass, that will cost you $1 a month. This will enable family sharing for up to five users, desktop fingerprint identification and 1GB of encrypted file storage.

Users can add extensions to their browsers including Safari, Firefox and Chrome so that when visiting passwords sites and accounts, the application can learn them, suggest stronger passwords and them remember them when needed.

You don’t to remember any of them.

LastPass is available now and it’s the last password you’ll ever have to create or remember.