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Telstra to expand its 5G Home Internet to even more customers


Telstra has announced it will be expanding its 5G Home Internet to more suburbs and towns in Australia and also doubling the data limit to help customers whose fixed connection is not meeting their needs.

Telstra says its 5G network is on track to reach 75 per cent of Australians by the end of June.

Customers who took up the Telstra 5G Home Internet service provided positive feedback and in the coming months the service will be expanded as the Telstra 5G network expands.

There are enough users on the network to provide accurate performance analysis to improve the network and also show customers what they can expect on Telstra 5G Home Internet.

Right now the typical evening speeds which you can expect during the busiest network period in peak streaming hours currently sits between 50Mbps and 600Mbps.

The average speed from Telstra’s own testing is 378Mbps.

One thing Telstra has learned from customer feedback was all about data – there’s wasn’t enough of it – which is why Telstra has doubled the data limit from 500GB to 1000GB.

And Telstra says it only going to get better with the implementation of 5G bands like mmWave.

Telstra recently announced it had acquired the mmWave spectrum needed across Australia to power the next level of its 5G network.

“We have already begun deploying 5G mmWave in selected sites in five capital cities and have achieved record-breaking download speeds using this technology in testing earlier this year,” says Telstra group executive of product and technology Kim Krogh Andersen

“Implementing mmWave on our 5G network will be like adding more lanes to a freeway, making it even faster while allowing more people on the network at the same time.

“As part of building out our 5G Home Internet portfolio, we are working with Casa Systems, a global leader in network technology, on the next evolution of our 5G fixed wireless using mmWave technology.

“5G mmWave gives us unparalleled opportunity to provide a home broadband service over 5G which will meet the performance and capacity as everyone’s data and internet needs continue to grow. I look forward to sharing more details soon.”

Telstra says it also continue work closely with NBN Co to provide a better experience for its NBN customers.

“Today’s announcement is one of many ways that we are working to improve your connectivity experience, as we know having a fast, secure, and reliable internet connection is super important,” Andersen says.

“Our goal is very simply to offer the right internet connection to deliver the best experience for our customers – one that is based on their needs, their location, and what technology is available to connect them.”