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How to protect yourself from cyber scams during the FIFA World Cup


The FIFA 2018 World Cup has already kicked off but football fans should take care as cyber criminals will be using this massive sporting event as an opportunity to launch online attacks.

Fortinet, a global leader in integrated and automated cyber security solutions, says large-scale events like the World Cup can become major cyber-attack targets and not just for large companies but ordinary individuals as well.,

Experts are expecting a spike in online scams and phishing attacks as the FIFA 2018 World Cup gets underway.

Fortinet has come up with some security tips to protect yourself online while still enjoying the world’s largest sporting tournament.

* Be careful where you view live matches online.When looking to view live matches or catch up with a replay, ensure you are visiting a trusted website.

It’s not unusual for cyber criminals to launch spear-phishing campaigns to lure fans to fake websites and deliver malware.

* Watch out for phishing attacks.One way online criminals can attract users through phishing emails disguised to look like correspondence from a trusted company or institution.

Victims may receive spam email announcing they have won tickets to the World Cup Final to tempt them to click on an email link. Clicking that link could take you to a compromised website or install malware on your computer.

* Beware of offers for cheap merchandise.If you come across a store offering low prices and merchandise, check that it is a legitimate store.

It could be a fake storefront designed to capture your credit card information and disappear.

* Keep your software updated.It’s important to update your operating systems and internet security software to the latest versions to ensure they are protected against any vulnerabilities.

Flaws in outdated browsers and plug-ins could open a gateway into your system to the wrong people.

* Avoid public wi-fi.Most of the World Cup matches will be played in the evening when many of us are out.

The temptation to log into any available wi-fi network may open you up to hackers intercepting details like your logins, passwords and any other personal and confidential information.

Only use authorised access points which have password protected encryption.