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Parents admit they are struggling to keep their children safe online


Keeping yourself safe online is hard enough but four out of five parents say they are struggling to keep their child safe online, according to a new study by leading consumer safety brand Norton.

Of those surveyed in the Norton research, 82 per cent who are parents admit it is difficult to keep their child safe while they are online.

With children spending more time using technology and plenty of time online, 85 per cent of respondents agreed it was as important to teach kids about cyber safety as it is to teach them other life skills.

Alarmingly, 86 per cent of Australian adults think children under 18 are more likely to share a family member’s personal information online.

And 88 per cent of parents of children under 18 are regularly teaching their children how to stay safe online and access content safely while 73 percent say they can trust their child to browse the Internet unmonitored.

The research also revealed 21 per cent of parents said their child had posted to one of their parents social media accounts, 19 per cent had accessed mature or age-inappropriate content, 18 per cent made an unauthorised online purchase and 18 per cent gave away personal information online.

Also revealed in the study was the fact that 90 per cent of Australians believe most children are addicted to their screens with the same proportion believing parents are relying too much on screens to keep their children occupied.”

“As cybercriminals have become more sophisticated, children could be the gateway for cybercriminals to gain access to the family’s sensitive and personal information,” says Mark Gorrie, Managing Director Asia Pacific, NortonLifeLock.

“We want to highlight the issues this could cause, from giving away passwords to credit card details, the impact could lead to identity theft with potential financial loss.

“That’s why cyber safety is a basic life skill, which should be taught from a young age.

Norton recently launched Norton 360 Advanced in Australia to help victims of identity theft.

“This plan allows you to have personal information such as credit card details monitored on the dark web, so you can be notified should they be found, as well as restoration support to help guide victims of identity theft through the identity restoration process and identity theft Insurance to help with covered related expenses.”

Norton 360 Advanced has tools to help parents monitor their child’s online activities and provides protection to prevent them becoming victims of identity theft.

This service also includes identity theft insurance, identity restoration specialists, social media monitoring, dark web monitoring, a secure VPN, a password manager, comprehensive parental controls as well as the ability to back up their files and photos with 200GB cloud backup.

Norton 360 Advanced offers protection for up to 10 devices including PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets.