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New Zoleo device can keep you connected anywhere and in any conditions via satellite


An Australian-designed and developed global messaging solution called Zoleo has been unveiled to offer connectivity whether you have cellular coverage or not, making it an ideal device to have in emergency situations.

The recent Australian bushfires were a stark example of how people can be cut off from communications with the cell towers were being destroyed alongside the trees, bushland and properties.

It offers a reliable messaging solution and personal safety companion for users in virtually any conditions.

“Until now, no company in the mobile satellite sector has conquered what is arguably the ‘killer app’ of the smartphone age – messaging,” explains Morris Shawn, President of Zoleo Inc. and Roadpost Inc.

“Zoleo’s messaging capability reflects a deep integration of capabilities between the user’s smartphone, the Zoleo mobile app, the Zoleo device and a sophisticated back end messaging infrastructure.”

The Zoleo device connects to your Android smartphone or iPhone via Bluetooth to provide a global messaging solution that can follow the user in and out of mobile coverage.

When users are beyond mobile coverage, the Zoleo device connects from the free app on your smartphone or tablet to the Iridium satellite network which offers global coverage via 66 low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites.

Users also have a dedicated SMS numbers and their own Zoleo email address.

The device itself is lightweight and has 200 hours of battery life and will operate in temperatures between -20 degrees Celsius and 55 degrees Celsius.

It is also shock resistant and has an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance.

It can be worn on a belt or tethered to a backpack, mounted inside a vehicle, vessel or cabin.

Onboard are personal safety features like check-in, whether forecasts and 24/7 worldwide SOS alerts for anyone who ventures off the grid or is caught in a situation where cellular coverage is no longer available.

“Satellite mobile messaging solutions are an increasingly popular means of staying connected when off the grid,” said Bryan Hartin, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Iridium.

“The Zoleo device is a great example of two Iridium partners coming together, taking Iridium core technology, and building a unique solution that will automatically transition from local cellular connectivity to satellite connectivity when needed.”

The Zoleo device is available in Australia, US and Canada for $345 with plans ranging from $32 to $80 a month.