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eBay to offer free listings and free pictures on auction items


ebaylogoPopular online auction site eBay will change the way users list their items from May 2 with free listings and up to a dozen free pictures to go with each item.

Those who list less 30 or less items on eBay per month will now not be charged an insertion fee no matter the price of the product they are listing.

But the free listings will only be offered to casual sellers and will exclude Power Sellers, businesses registered on eBay and eBay Stores.

Members can also add up to 12 pictures to illustrate their auction item. At the moment it costs 59 cents for a Gallery image and 25 cents for each additional image.

Users can also save on SuperSize ($1.25), Picture Pack ($1.50/$2) and Gallery Plus ($2.49) options.

Busier eBay sellers and eBay stores who list 31 or more items per month now have a more simplified three-tier insertion fee structure starting at just 50 cents for an item listed at a starting price of $20 or less, $1.50 for items between $20 and $99.99 and $3.00 for items over $100.

Final value fees have also been set at 7.9 per cent which is capped at $100 for those listing 30 or less items per month.

The same 7.9 final value fee applies to sellers who push through 31 or more sales each month but the difference with these high-powered sellers is that this fee is uncapped.

These new fee structures have been designed to simplify and streamline the listing process and create even higher quality listings to attract even more potential buyers.

The flat final value fees will also help eBay members to calculate their costs more easily and encourage them to list even more items for sale.

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