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Working from home? Here are the essential items to create a comfortable home office


OK, you’ve been told you need to work from home for the next few weeks, possibly the next few months, because of the coronavirus outbreak so you need to create a workspace that help you stay focused and productive.

There has never been a better time to do a stocktake on not only your equipment but also your workspace as well.

We’re assuming you already have a good wi-fi connection and you’ve already optimised your NBN connection if you already have one.

Here’s what you need to create a work-from-home office:


On the equipment side, it’s obvious we need either a desktop or laptop computer with a screen size that suits our needs.

If you’re using a desktop computer it’s important you use an ergonomic mouse and keyboard.


If you’re going to be working for hours at a time from home it’s important to be comfortable.

If you’re using a laptop, it’s not a good idea to constantly be looking down at the screen – this could cause neck and back issues.

There are a number of stands that can elevate the laptop closer to eye level.

In this position it would also be advisable to use a separate mouse and keyboard.


If you want to place your monitor at a certain height or if you have two or more monitors, a monitor stand can help you.

A desktop height-adjustable stand can bring the monitor to eye-level.

There are also monitor stands that can be mounted so your monitor can rest on a wall.


This is a key part of your home office set-up.

If you are working from home, just resting the laptop on your lap sitting on the couch isn’t going to cut it.

Desks come in all shapes and sizes and you need to consider what you’ll need to fit on the desktop before deciding on a size.

Of course, you need have the room for a desk in your home so the space you can spare will also govern this choice.

There are number of height-adjustable desks which can go from a sit-down desk and tall enough to be a stand-up desk.

There is plenty of evidence to show that a standing desk can do wonders for your focus and energy levels and is generally better for your health.

Users can also purchase a separate pop-up stand that can convert a regular desk into a standing desk.


A comfortable ergonomic chair is one of the most important parts of a home office.

If you do choose to sit down for extended periods you need to be comfortable and also have good back and lumbar support.

And be sure your chair is height adjustable so it will fit you and your desk.

The comfort can also be determined by what the chair is made whether it’s leather or mesh or a combination of both.


The addition of a soft foam mat can make a world of difference if you are using a standing desk.

It takes the pressure off your feet and makes it easier for you to stand up for longer periods.


If your chair is resting on carpet, having a chair mat will not only make it easier to move, it will also reduce the wear on the carpet.

Having a chair mat on a hard floor can also save wear and tear and scratches if you have wooden floorboards.


If you have room on the wall within view from your desk a whiteboard can be a great addition to your home office.

It can be used for notes and reminders and it also magnetic so you can stick up notes and documents.

A whiteboard can be used to provide visual reminders rather than pasting post-it notes everywhere.

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A wall clock is also a smart addition to your home office so you can see the time at a glance instead of having to look at your phone which could lead to distractions.