Modern technology gives us many things.

Work in comfort with the ErgoTune V3 Supreme chair that calibrates to your body

We’ve written about technology but it’s important to be comfortable while you’re using it especially for those who continue to work from home so a chair like the ErgoTune V3 Supreme is a wise investment.

The ErgoTune chair is made from strong and comfortable DuraWeave Hybrid Mesh with 11 adjustment points from the headrest, backrest, lumbar support and seat depth so it can be truly calibrated to your body and change with your needs and activities.

The chair has a sturdy build and is easy to put together. The build is guaranteed for 12 years.

There also three sizes to choose from depending on your height – 140cm to 210cm.

For our review we were able easily follow the instructions and locate the clearly labelled parts and screws.

It took us about 20 minutes put the ErgoTune V3 Supreme together before we were able to take a seat.

We have used the ErgoTune V3 Supreme every day when we’re writing, editing and podcasting in our office.

The mesh makes the chair breathable and allows a lot or airflow so you’re not going to get top hot or cold while you’re in the chair.

For us, the back and lumber support was important to avoid lower back pain.

Neck support was also important to us and the ErgoTune V3 Supreme TriTune headrest has more adjustments than any other chair we’ve seen.

This made it possible for us to sit up straight and comfortably when we were using our desktop and laptop computers.

Without this chair we tended to slump while we’re writing and that would often cause a knot in the top of our and a kink in our neck – and this would bring on headaches.

The solution for this was getting a chiropractic adjustment.

The ErgoTune V3 Supreme’s support has eliminated this problem.

The adjustable arm rests also open a world of possibilities so every user can find the best individual fit.

The GyroBrace Armrest direction can be adjusted along with height and how wide you want them from your body.

This comes in handy if you are typing on a laptop or on a wider keyboard with a mouse.

And having the right height means your arm can comfortably have a range of motion to operate a mouse or a trackpad.

It can also take the tension out of your shoulders which can creep in if you’re sitting for lengthy periods.

Naturally, the height and tilt of the chair can be adjusted so it can fit under the desk or even rest above desk height.

The ErgoTune V3 Supreme provides thousands of combinations of adjustment between the headrest, backrest, lumbar support, height, tilt and recline.

And not only can this suit different customers of varying heights and body types – it can also be utilised for different uses of the chair.

For example, when we’re not writing, we like to sit back and enjoy a slight recline when we want to read.

We can take that recline even further when we want to watch the TV mounted on the wall in our office.

In this position, we can relax into the chair with the same back, lumbar and neck support we enjoyed in the upright position.

The chair can easily be locked in position with easy-to-access knobs but the respective parts also have numerous degrees of adjustment that give you plenty of options find the right fit.

Whether you want to focus or relax, the ErgoTune V3 Supreme has the right adjustments to help you stay comfortable and healthy.

The ErgoTune V3 Supreme is available now and is priced at $749.