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Samsung’s Galaxy watches and new Galaxy Ring offer more health and wellness insights

Samsung has bolstered its wearables line up with a new range of Galaxy smartwatches and an all-new  Galaxy Ring which is designed to offer even more insights into your health and Wellness.

There are two new smartwatches the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra with both also incorporating the power of Galaxy AI.


Galaxy Ring is Samsung’s latest product that can gather health and wellness information in its smallest and most discreet form.

Samsung has brought its proven sensor technology to the lightweight Galaxy Ring which weighs just 3g.

Available in three colour choices, Titanium Black, Titanium Silver and Titanium Gold, Galaxy Ring can be worn around the clock and customised thanks to Galaxy AI.

All the data collected can be found in the Samsung Health app – a single free platform which allows users to monitor their health and fitness patterns and look for ways to improve it.

Samsung brings its impressive sleep analysis and sleep AI algorithm to Galaxy Ring to make it understand your sleep quality and build better sleep habits.

It can provide a Sleep School and even analyse your snoring and introduce new metrics including movement during sleep, sleep latency, heart and respiratory rate which all add up to a detailed and accurate analysis of your sleep quality.

It also has cycle tracking so women can also track their menstrual cycle.

But Galaxy Ring isn’t just about keeping an eye on your sleep, it can also give you information about your heart health with heart rate alerts which offers instant notifications for unusually high or low heart rates in real time via the Samsung Health app.

Users could also find out more about their heart rate including beats per minute, times starting time duration with live heart rate check.

Galaxy Ring can see when you’re working out through the Auto Workout Detection and offer daily prompts if you’re being inactive.

When paired to a Galaxy smartphone, users can use a double pinch via gestures to take photos or dismiss alarms.

And if you happen to misplace the Galaxy Ring you can find it via your Galaxy smartphone with Find My Ring on Samsung Find.

Pricing and a release date have yet to be announced.


Samsung has upgraded the Galaxy Watch 7 with Galaxy AI and a number of new features to gain a greater understanding of your health.

Users can track more than 100 workouts and combine various exercises to build routines with a new feature called Workout Routine.

This can compare your current performance with what you’ve achieved in the past in real time so you can maintain your motivation to reach your goal.

Also onboard is Body Composition which provides a complete body and fitness snapshot so you can understand your body even better.

There’s also heart rate monitoring and Electrocardiogram (ECG) along with blood pressure monitoring.

The Galaxy Watch 7 has an enhanced bioactive sensor which offers even greater accuracy.

The device is powered for the first time with a 3Nm processor with a 3x faster CPU and a 30 per cent improvement in power efficiency.

The Galaxy Watch 7 also has dual-frequency GPS system to more precisely track your location even in urban environments.

Galaxy Watch 7 also bring some Galaxy AI features to your wrist including Suggested Replies which offers suitable responses based on the conversation.

There are also new Double Pinch gestures so you can control your Galaxy Watch and connected Galaxy smartphone when your hands are full.


Samsung has taken the Galaxy Watch 7’s advanced health monitoring features and technology to another level with Galaxy Watch Ultra.

This new edition to the Galaxy Watch portfolio is also its most powerful.

It has all the features of Galaxy Watch 7 but offers a 47mm screen and greater outdoor durability thanks to the Titanium Grade 4 frame and 10ATM water resistance.

Galaxy Watch Ultra also operates at a wider range of altitudes to track more extreme fitness experiences like swimming in the ocean and cycling in intense environments.

The device can track multi-course workouts while the Functional Threshold Power (FTP) for cycling that can measure accurately your maximum cycling power in just four minutes.

Galaxy Watch Ultra can also work out your personalised HR zone to get the most out of your workouts and find the optimal intensity levels based on your physical capabilities.

Samsung Watch Ultra also has a new Quick Button to instantly initiate control of your workouts with the ability to map other functions to suit how you use the device.

It even has an emergency siren for safety and, in the dark, can automatically switch to Night Mode to offer easier readability without affecting your night vision.

Galaxy Watch Ultra will be available in Titanium Grey, Titanium White and Titanium Silver.

Both Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra will be the first Android smartphones powered by Wear OS 5 which offers advanced performance and power efficiency.


Galaxy Watch7 – 40mm

– $549 Bluetooth

– $649 LTE

Colours: Green, Cream

Galaxy Watch7 – 44mm

– $599 Bluetooth

– $699 LTE

Galaxy Watch Ultra – 47mm

– $1,299 LTE only

Colours: Titanium Grey (Orange band), Titanium White (White band), Titanium Silver (Dark grey band)

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* Stephen Fenech travelled to Galaxy Unpacked in Paris as a guest of Samsung