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Make your Google smart speakers cord free with the Loft and Jot battery bases


Google smart speakers are excellent but the only downside is they can only be placed near power points but two new products from Ninety7 – the Loft and Jot – can free those devices so you can use them anywhere.

Loft and Jot a portable battery bases for Google Home and Google Home Mini so you can plug and move the product anywhere you want at home or in your office free of any cables.

Each base has a rechargeable battery that can give your Google Assistant up to eight hours of cordless power which means you can move from room to room without interrupting whatever you’re doing or listening to.

It means, for the first time, you can enjoy Google Home in the backyard or in the garden.

And at mealtimes you might want to move it into the kitchen to help prepare dinner or set a timer and all without having to plug it into another power point.

Loft, which works with Google Home, locks into place and can be recharged with the charger that came with the speaker.

There are also four LED lights to give you an easy indication on how much battery life is left before you need to recharge again.

Jot works with the smaller Google Home Mini and frees the device to use in any room of the house so you can continue to control your smart devices, turn lights on and off and access your music with voice commands.

It also means easier music access anywhere to select the artist and playlist with a voice command rather than having to unlock your smart phone and open your music app.

Loft for Google Home is available now in three colours – carbon, snow and copper and is priced at $69.95.

Jot for Google Home Mini is available in carbon and silver and is priced at $59.95.

They are available from JB Hi-Fi, Kogan, Dick Smith, David Jones and