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Google unveils its latest Nest Hub smart display that can now monitor your sleep


Google has just unveiled its second generation Nest Hub smart display which has improved sound and new Sleep Sensing technology to understand and improve the way you sleep.

The new Nest Hub will have 50 per cent more bass output for an even richer sound to hear your music, podcasts, audiobooks and streaming services like Spotify and YouTube Music.

Now it is also possible to watch your favourite TV shows and movies on the device’s 7-inch display if you have a subscription from supported services like Netflix, Disney+ and Stan.

The device now has Quick Gestures so you can pause and play content at any time by tapping the air in front of the screen.

The new Nest Hub is also ideal for busy families with the ability to share family calendars and create reminders so everyone is on the same page.

There is also no camera on the device to give customers an even stronger assurance about privacy.

But it is the new Sleep Sensing technology that will also attract plenty of attention.

This is an opt-in feature that offers an alternative for users who would prefer to not have to wear a watch or tracker while they sleep.

The new Google Nest Hub uses Motion Sense which detects motion and sounds and processes that information within the device itself. It is not sent to Google’s servers.

The data collected will help users understand the way sleep and to also suggest improvements to help you get longer more restful sleep.

Sleep Sense can provide tailored bedtime schedules and personalised suggestions for improvement.

When it’s time to go to sleep, the unit’s display dims to make your bedroom a more sleep-friendly environment.

And when it’s time to wake up, the Google Nest Hub comes into play once again with a sunrise alarm which slowly brightens the display and increases the volume of the alarm.

If you want more sleep you can simply wave your hand to snooze the alarm.

Every morning you will receive a personalised sleep summary on the display or you can simply ask “Hey Google how did I sleep?”

The second-generation Google Nest Hub is priced at $149 and can be pre-ordered now at the Google Store.