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Can’t find a coat hook? Now you can bring your own


Ever needed a place to hang your coat but couldn’t find a hook? A clever new product called Coat has solved that problem – it’s a useful hook you can take anywhere.

Coat is small enough to fit in your pocket and has been designed to attach to smooth gloss surfaces like glass, mirror, tile, stone and polished metals.

When attaching Coat to a surface users simply pull down on the lever to activate solid suction.

That lever then becomes your hook to hold your coat, clothing, bag or anything that weighs up to 2kg.

Tech Guide took a look at Coat and found it a very useful around the house.

The great thing is the portability – it’s just 6cm wide and weighs a featherweight 28g.

For us not only was it handy being able to hook up our jacket, we also used it to manage our cables and hang our headphones and keep them within easy reach.

There are numerous ways you can use them in every room of the house from the kitchen, laundry, home office, bathroom and bedroom.

We also found it useful attaching Coat to our full length mirror to hang the shirt we wanted to wear the next morning or for the shirts that needed washing rather than leaving on the floor.

In the laundry was where we hung another hook to hang our dogs’ leashes and we used another in our office to hang our car keys for easy access and our cable to keep them from tangling.

Coat needs a really smooth surface for the suction to be strong enough to hold heavier items.

It doesn’t work very well on gyprock walls or bricks walls because it needs to create a strong seal for that solid suction to be able to handle the weight.

Coat is a beautifully simple product that is extremely useful – and not just for hanging your coat.

Coat is available in three colours – black, blue and red and is priced at $29.95.