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Archelis exoskeleton lets you sit while standing


Anyone who must be on their feet for extended periods will tell you it can be quite tiring. Archelis, which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, can come to the rescue and help you sit while you’re standing.

Archelis is a wearable exoskeleton for your legs that allows users to walk freely but that can be locked so that you can take a load off while you still appear to be standing.

This ideal for people who spend a lot of time standing like nurses, doctors and surgeons along with security guards and retail workers.

Archelis does not need power and it can be easily fastened to your legs with strong Velcro straps.

The Japanese creators of Archelis has offered some of the first models to surgeons who often have toå spend long hours in the operating theatre on their feet.

Archelis can distribute their body weight to their thighs and shins and allow the user to sit into the exoskeleton and not have to support their own body weight.

This significantly reduces fatigue and allows the user to maintain a good posture.

And a surgeon is the last person you want feeling fatigue – especially if it’s you on the operating table.

But there are so many uses for the product by so many people who spend most of their working day on their feet.

People like security guards, paramedics, maintenance and repair workers and retail workers could make use of Archelis.

There is a unit for each leg and because it’s made of strong plastic, it weighs just 2.7kg.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas with support from LG, Samsung and Hisense