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Ainenne helps your baby get to sleep and can detect the child’s mood with cry detection


New parents will agree getting their baby to sleep can be one of the hardest and most stressful things to do but a new product called Ainenne unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas can make things a lot easier.

Ainenne (pronounced ay-nen-ay), developed by Japanese baby-tech company First Ascent, looks like a bedside lamp but it can help newborn babies get to sleep, stay asleep longer and even detect how a baby is feeling based on their cry.

The device uses thousands of hours of cry patterns and parenting data and was developed in conjunction with the National Centre for Child Health and Development.

It supports sleep training with AI based on the company’s research and data.

The unit can record sleep and crying patterns of the baby and can provide recommendations on how to improve the child’s sleep.

Ainenne can be placed by your baby’s crib like a bedside lamp and has a light to simulate the morning sun or a sunset depending on the time of day.

It can also generate white noise and create a calmer environment to get to sleep.

But the one sound parents don’t want to hear after they put their child to bed is crying.

Ainenne has collected cry patterns and sleep data from more than 700,000 users and have developed an algorithm that can analyse a baby’s cry and workout how he or she is feeling.

The algorithm was perfected after being used by more than 200,000 parents from more than 150 countries.

As a result, the device’s display can reveal whether the baby is angry, hungry, board or tired with an average accuracy of more than 80 per cent.

Ainenne is an all-in-one solution that is a lamp, white noise generator and cry translator that will make life for brand new parents even easier and far less stressful.

The product will be released worldwide in the coming months.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas with support from LG, Samsung and Hisense.