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DJI’s new Mavic Mini drone fits in the palm of your hand and weighs less than your phone


DJI has just released the Mavic Mini –  a new entry-level easy-to-fly drone that fits in the palm of your hand and weighs less than your smartphone.

The DJI Mavic Mini weighs just 249g and folds down a surprisingly small size.

This makes it easy to take with you anywhere to experience the fun of flying and to capture some breathtaking shots.

DJI has packed in some professional grade features into the light frame including remarkable stability and a battery that lasts for up to 30 minutes.

“To design a drone as lightweight, compact yet capable as Mavic Mini was one of the most challenging projects we’ve ever tackled at DJI,” said Roger Luo, DJI’s President.

“Distilling top-of-the-line features into a palm-of-your-hand drone is the culmination of years of work, and we are ecstatic to bring a new class of drone to the DJI line-up.

“Mavic Mini’s long flight time, ultra-light weight and high-quality camera makes it DJI’s everyday drone – and most importantly, it’s easy to fly, no matter your experience level with drones.”

Mavic Mini is the smallest and lightest drone in the DJI portfolio – the first to weigh under 250g and considered the safest to fly in numerous situations including indoors.

There is also a propeller cage accessory that can protect the props if you fly into a wall.

With the cage, the Mavic Mini just bounces off the wall instead of crashing to the ground.

There is a dedicated remote controller which can connect to your smartphone to give you a first person view of the camera and to access all the controls.

Speaking of the camera, the Mavic Mini has a 2.7K camera that can shoot video at 30fps (frames per second), 1080p at 60fps and also capture 12-megapixel images.

The drone also features Quickshots – pre-programmed flight manoeuvres that can help you capture some stunning videos.

Here are the Quickshot modes:

– Rocket – Mavic Mini flies straight up into the air with the camera pointing downward focused on your subject..

– Circle – Mavic Mini will circle around your subject at a constant altitude and distance.

– Dronie – Mavic Mini flies backward and upward, with the camera focused on your subject.

– Helix – Mavic Mini flies upward and away, spiralling around your subject.

The DJI Mavic Mini will be priced at $599 when it goes on sale on November 11.

The Mavic Mini Fly More Combo, which includes all of the components from the standard version with the addition of the 360degree propeller cage, two-way charging hub, two extra batteries, three sets of extra propellers and a carrying case will be $799.

Stay tuned to Tech Guide for a complete review of the DJI Mavic Mini.