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The rugged GoPro Hero9 Black action camera is here – and it’s a huge improvement


The GoPro Hero9 Black is here. And it’s a huge improvement over the previous GoPro with a new front display, a larger rear display and even better battery life.

Priced at $699.95, the GoPro Hero9 Black allows users to shoot 5K video at 30 frames per second and capture 20 megapixel photos and also enjoy next-level HyperSmooth 3.0 which does a remarkable job taking the shakes out of your videos with in-camera horizon levelling.

This is a noticeable difference over the Hero8 Black which we thought already had impressive smoothing. The GoPro Hero9 Black set a new standard.

The biggest noticeable difference is the front-facing 1.4-inch display so now you can easily frame yourself and see your background.

And on the back there is a 2.27-inch rear display which is also bigger than Hero8 Black.

In fact, the GoPro Hero9 Black is slightly larger than the previous model.

The upside there is a bigger screen and a bigger battery but this also means the Hero9 Black won’t fit with the media mod you might have bought last year for the Hero8 Black.

You’ll need to buy new media mod for the Hero9 Black – the Media Mod for Hero9 Black is $129.95 which now includes a removeable foam windscreen, Display Mod is $129.95 and the Light Mod is $84.95.

There will also be a new Max Lens Mod for $159.95 which adds even more stabilisation and an ultra-wide Max SuperView.

The Max Lens Mod, which will be available in October, also allows for horizon lock even when the camera is rotated a full 360-degrees.

The GoPro Hero9 Black is priced at $699.95 but if you subscribe to GoPro Plus the camera is discounted to $559.95.

GoPro subscription is $69.99 annually or $7.49 a month.

“Hero9 Black reflects our commitment to delivering what our customers have been asking for, including more value for their money,” said Nicholas Woodman, GoPro’s founder and CEO.

“Hero9 Black is a beast of a product, and GoPro subscribers can get it for AUD$140 off
at while also enjoying unlimited cloud storage of their GoPro footage, up to 50 per cent on everything at and no-questions-asked camera replacement.

“And we’re not done, with more value adds coming to GoPro subscribers later this year.”

The GoPro will no longer ship their products in plastic packaging. Instead the cameer will come in a stylish travel case which has room for additional mounts and accessories.

“Reducing as much plastic as possible from our business is a priority for us,” said Woodman.

“We’re excited to package Hreo9 Black in a high-value travel case instead of traditional wasteful packaging, and we’re committed to doing the same with the rest of our cameras by the end of 2021.”

Hero9 Black Features:

  • New Image Sensor
  •  Video: 5K30, 4K60, 2.7K120, 1440p120, 1080p240 and more
  •  Photo: 20MP
  •  New 1.4” front colour display with live preview and status modes
  •  Larger 2.27” rear touch display with touch zoom
  •  30% more battery life than HERO8 Black with improved cold weather performance
  •  Removable, rechargeable battery
  •  HyperSmooth 3.0 with in-camera horizon leveling
  •  TimeWarp 3.0 featuring Real Speed and Half Speed
  •  1080p Live Streaming
  •  1080p Webcam mode
  •  Power Tools: HindSight, LiveBurst, Scheduled Capture and Duration Capture
  •  SuperPhoto + HDR Night lapse video
  •  RAW photos
  •  Digital lenses
  •  Voice control with 14 commands in 11 languages + 6 accents
  •  3 microphones with advanced wind-noise reduction
  •  Stereo + RAW audio
  •  Larger speaker for improved audio playback
  •  Removable lens cover
  •  Built-in folding mounting fingers
  •  Rugged + waterproof to 33ft (10m)
  •  Compatible with Max Lens Mod, Light Mod, Display Mod and Media Mod for Hero9 Black.