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D-Link’s new connected home products get even smarter with IFTTT


D-Link has taken its connected home devices to the next level of automation with the integration of IFTTT (IF This Then That) to create a range of integrations in your home.

IFTTT is a site that allows users to build recipes to trigger a variety of actions and open up a whole new world of possibilities.

The D-Link family of connected devices include wi-fi smart plugs, motion sensors and a wi-fi siren and the implementation of IFTTT gives users even more control.

With an IFTTT recipe you can create different scenarios in your home.


For example, you could set an IFTTT recipe to turn off your lights when you leave home. If you leave home that turns off your lights.

You might also set an IFTTT recipe to turn your coffeemaker on at sunrise.

D-Link’s wi-fi smart plug makes it possible to schedule appliances to turn on and off when you want them and from anywhere.

The D-Link smart plug
The D-Link smart plug

The wi-fi siren can deter potential intruders and create an automated awareness around your home while the motion sensors will alert you if any movement is detected.

The D-Link motion sensor
The D-Link motion sensor

By adding an IFTTT recipe it makes it possible to do things like arm the D-Link wi-fi siren when you leave home or even sound the siren if movement is detected.

The D-Link motion sensors can send alerts to your smartphone or tablet when motion is detected so you’ll always know what’s going on at your place even when you’re away.

The D-Link wi-fi siren
The D-Link wi-fi siren

Here’s how to set up IFTTT to work with the D-Link products.

Step One: Install the IF by IFTTT app on your iOS or Android device and create a free account.

Step Two: Search for and select your D-Link products and connect them to your mydlink Home account.


Step Three: Look through the published recipes or create your own.

Step Four: Add the recipe you choose and enjoy.


The D-Link Smart Plug is priced at $69.95, the wi-fi siren costs $129.95 and the motion sensor is $99.95.