Modern technology gives us many things.

TwelveSouth’s Curve Riser brings your iMac closer to a comfortable eye level


With so many people working and learning from home nowadays it’s important to be comfortable which is why a product like the TwelveSouth Curve Riser can be very handy.

The Curve Riser elevates the iMac or any other external display by 10.6cm to place it closer to eye level.

This is friendlier angle for your neck and back, especially if you’re spending the better part of a work day in this position.

And not only does it offer a more comfortable position for workers and creatives but the Curve Riser can be a handy storage or placement area for a USB hub, an external hard drive or other items.

The TwelveSouth Curve Riser is made from premium metal and contains an additional shelf inside to place even more stuff.

And the inside shelf is also perforated to help air flow and keep your gear cool.

The rear cut out makes it easy to bring in power or USB cables so your most important peripherals and devices are at your fingertips.

It will also help you reduce the clutter on your desktop and organise yourself a little better.

A great use would be to store Mac Mini on the shelf and have your external monitor resting on top.

The monitor platform is 25.5cm wide and 24.5cm long and the shelf capacity is 25.5cm wide and 4.45cm high.

The Twelve South Curve Riser is available now and is priced at $139.95.