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Optus introduces Game Path to get rid of the dreaded lag for PC gamers


Optus knows that every millisecond counts for online PC gamers which is why it has launched the new Game Path service which is designed to deliver an even faster connection for a smoother gaming experience.

Lag is a dirty word among gamers – it’s the thing that can mean the difference between winning or losing when competing online.

It occurs when networks become complicated and create restrictions for online traffic.

Optus has decided to improve the experience with Game Path which can eliminate lag.

It does this by analysing network routes available for gaming traffic before employing machine learning to find the servers that offer the fastest path.

This is a handy feature especially when the game servers are located overseas and, in this instance, customers will see the biggest improvement.

Since the lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a huge boost in gaming with telcos around the world reporting an increase of up to 75 per cent since we were forced to stay at home.

Optus research shows that 50 per cent of hardcore gamers said lag was a key pain point for them.

Game Path will be offered as a $10 a month add-on to Optus NBN customers and is ideal for Windows 10 PC gamers who are competing across international servers.

Optus data shows Game Path can reduce lag by 30 per cent om average – which can make a huge difference in an online game and can mean the difference between life or death in the games including League of Legends, Final Fantasy XIV and Overwatch.

“Optus is already ranked as #1 for NBN download speeds by the ACCC for the last four quarters,” says VP, TV, Content & Product Development, Clive Dickens.

“Game Path will add another dimension to our Optus NBN service offering for serious gamers by addressing lag and going a long way to reduce it where it occurs – outside of the home on the open internet.”

Optus Game Path brand ambassador, Laymen Gaming said: “If you’re playing games online, the very last thing you ever want to experience is lag.

“There’s nothing more frustrating than your KD dropping due to packet loss, or your raid leader replacing you because your connection just can’t keep up.

“Having a strong, reliable internet connection is just as important as having the latest graphics card or next gen console, which is why we use Optus.

“Game Path means we never need to worry about our internet giving out at crucial moments. We can just play, win, repeat.”

Game Path will be available from next week at