Modern technology gives us many things.

The back to school devices designed for students of all ages


It’s almost time to start a brand new school year and there will also be a need to stock up on the right tech for students to help them with their studies in high school and university.

There is also a device for primary school students to stay in touch with their parents  but without the burden of a smartphone.

Naturally a laptop is a common requirement for high school students with most schools offering a guide on the models to consider and whether they need to be Mac or PC.

But one thing they all need to have is a decent battery life to get through the school day as most schools don’t allow students to charge their laptops at school for safety reasons.

They don’t want students fighting over power points and they also don’t want the hit on their electricity bills.

Another device given to boys and girls at the start of the school year is a smartphone.

But what do you do when your child is too young for a smartphone but you still want them to be able to stay in touch? And for you to stay in touch with them?

The answer is the TCL MoveTime Family Watch ($199) which helps parents stay connected with their children wherever they go.

The device even enables smooth two-way video calling with a built-in camera and 4G connectivity.

With the device kids are limited to a few important contacts so they can only make and receive calls from Mum and Dad and a few others.

Parents also have the peace of mind of knowing exactly where their children are at all times thanks to the geofencing and geolocation.

The MoveTime Family Watch has a colourful design – in blue or pink – and is kid-friendly and parent-approved with durable materials, IP65 waterproofing, a replaceable band and a 1.3 inch colour display with changeable watch face.

It is available now from Big W.

For parents who want to offer their child their first smartphone there is also a great choice with the Alcatel 1S.

It’s a feature-packed device with a large 5.5-inch 18:9 HD+ screen with an 81 per cent screen to body ratio.

Also onboard are dual rear cameras, fingerprint sensor and Face Key for two layer security and it is powered by an octa-core processor.

And it is priced at just $199 and is available from JB Hi-Fi.

If you’ve got your eye on an Apple product there is education pricing which could save students up to $320 in a Mac and up to $80 on an iPad.

This deal also includes a free set of Beats Studio3 wireless headphones plus a free year of Apple TV+.

Apple’s education pricing also includes a 20 per cent discount on AppleCare+.

Another product that gets a thorough workout by school students is the home printer.

The Canon PIXMA Endurance G6065 is a multifunction printer that comes with enough ink to last the entire school year.

The wireless printer can connect to your laptop, tablet and phone to print documents and photos.

When it comes time to print out those assignments and homework, the Canon PIXMA Endurance G6065 can handle the demand with fast and high quality printing.

It’s priced at $559 and available at JB Hi-Fi and Cartridge World.

And if you’re wondering about that price – that includes the ink that will last more than a year so think of the money you’re save from not having to buy expensive replacement  cartridges.