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The new Rode accessories that make the Rodecaster Pro even more versatile

Rode Microphones, a proudly Australian company, has released a range of handy accessories designed for podcasters who are using the Rodecaster Pro podcasting console.

These new Rode accessories include the DC-USB1 power cable, the SC9 TRRS to TRRS cable, HJA-4 headphone adaptors and XLR-ID cable identification rings.

Since the release of the Rodecaster Pro, podcasting has become even easier for users to embrace even for those with no experience behind the microphone.

The simple and intuitive interface makes producing a podcast simpler than ever before.

These new accessories complement the Rodecaster Pro and offers even more versatility, quality and ease of use.

DC-USB1 – $30

The Rodecaster Pro previously could only be used when it is plugged into a power point but the DC-USB1 power adaptor means you can power the console from any compatible USB output including a portable battery which offers at least a 2.4A charge.

This turns the Rodecaster Pro into a portable device so you can record anywhere.

SC9 TRRS to TRRS – $39

The SC9 is a 3.5mm cable that’s 1.5m long and designed to connect smartphones to the Rodecaster Pro and record calls in even higher quality.

Ideal of your show involves live phone calls and over-the-phone interviews.


The pack of 4 HJA-4 high quality adaptors can be used to convert a 3.5mm plug from consumer headphones to the larger quarter inch headphones sockets like those on the Rodecaster Pro.

XLR-ID – $15

The XLR-ID include four pairs of XLR cable identity rings to make it easier to identify which microphone cable is attached to each channel on the Rodecaster Pro.

This makes it easier to control the levels of the guests on your program because their microphones are each identified with either an orange, blue, green or pink ring.