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LG launches new XBOOM 360 portable Bluetooth speaker and Tone Free earbuds


LG has added two new devices to its range of audio products – the XBOOM 360 portable speaker and new LG Tone Free FP series earbuds.

These products show the company’s continued investment in audio innovation while having fresh new designs which will complement your style and home décor.

“As we head into the summer period and the easing of lifestyle restrictions, Australians will be reconnecting with friends and family,” says Samantha Mikhael, category marketing manager for home entertainment at LG Australia.

“At LG Australia, we are passionate about offering entertainment products that fuel these moments of joy and are sure our customers will find that with our new portable audio line-up.

“The LG TONE Free FP series earbuds and the XBOOM 360 portable speaker are compelling offerings for consumers when it comes to entertaining and gifting, enhancing the experience both indoors, outdoors and on-the-go.

“We’re proud to offer our next evolution of our portable audio range and demonstrate to Australians that LG are continuously innovating to cater to their lifestyle demands.”


The LG XBOOM 360 portable speaker delivers a 360-degree experience thanks to its unique form factor and audio engineering so it can fill a space with high-quality multidirectional audio.

At its heart is a titanium tweeter so the XBOOM 360 can produce an accurate and detailed treble which is dispersed in 360 degrees while the glass fibre woofer and structure of the base duct ensures a detailed and dynamic bass sound.

The speaker can run for up to 10 hours on a single charge of the internal battery and connect to your devices via Bluetooth.

There were also three different mood lighting presets – ambient, nature and party – with the LG XBOOM companion app also giving access to other clever features so you can customise sound effects, including DJ effect, which allows for mixing multiple samples, scratching and other effects.

The handle makes it easy to move the speaker around your home while the stylish fabric exterior makes it look good in any part of your home.

The LG XBOOM 360 RP4B speaker will be available in charcoal black at leading retailers from November 2021.

Pricing will be announced closer to launch date.


The LG Tone Free series have been enhanced through the company’s longstanding relationship with Meridian which brings audio technologies including Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) and 3D Sound Stage to a consumer product.

With HSP, the listener is surrounded by multi-dimensional sound while the 3D Sound Stage expands spatial upmixing so it’s ideal for movies and smartphone gaming.

The large upgraded drivers have silicon edging and deliver powerful bass when paired with the equaliser on the Tone Free app.

The app allows users to configure ambient sound mode and customise their touch controls.

New to the LG Tone Free FP9A model is the Plug and Play feature which allows the ear buds to wirelessly connect to other devices with an AUX connection.

To do this, the charging cradle can double as a Bluetooth dongle which is all deal for those who want to use their earphones with the in-flight entertainment system or exercise equipment.

It’s possible to plug the cradle into a smartphone, gaming console, treadmill and other compatible devices via USB-C to AUX cable.

These new earbuds feature Active Noise Cancellation with the microphones on the earbuds listening for ambient noise and neutralising them by producing identical sound waves.

The new Whispering Mode can make your calls more private when you hold the right earbud close to your mouth as a dedicated microphone so you can make and take calls in both quiet and loud environments.

Returning to the new earbud models is the company’s UVnano feature which integrates a UVC-LED light in the charging case to kill 99.9% of E. coli and S. aureus bacteria after just five minutes

The LG Tone Free FP9A, FP8A and FP5A wireless earbuds will be available in charcoal black from October 2021.