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Uber unveils new RideCheck safety feature to keep an eye on your trip


Uber has unveiled a new safety feature to its app called RideCheck which will be rolling out in Australia next week in the event of a crash during a ride or an unexpectedly long delay.

RideCheck will be added to the Uber app for Australian riders on February 11.

The Uber app relies on GPS information to map your ride but can also use data from the sensors in your smartphone to detect possible crashes and if you are off course.

It can also detect if the vehicle has been stopped for a while and RideCheck will check on you.

When RideCheck is initiated both the rider and driver will receive a notification to ask if everything is OK.

The app will also present other possible actions like using the emergency button, calling the Uber safety line and reporting a crash.

The Uber Safety support team is also notified and may also follow up with a phone call to check with the RideCheck activation.

Over the past three years Uber has rolled out a number of safety features including Share Your Trip so riders can share real-time details of a ride with family and friends and finding the right ride to make sure you’re getting into the right car with the right driver.